ce turned dark immediately. He let go of his hand and took a step back. Then he opened his mouth and coughed up several mouthfuls of black pus and blood.

ce turned dark immediately. He let go of his hand and took a step back. Then he opened his mouth and coughed up several mouthfuls of black pus and blood.
“Haha” Daoman Sanyun immediately laughed heartily when he saw that the spell was working.
“Has the outcome been decided?” Yuan Feng asked strangely.
/But I shook my head and said: “It’s not that simple. The winner is not determined so quickly in the competition.”
Sure enough, I heard Abe Shikaki’s laughter as soon as I finished speaking. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and stood up straight. body.
His face was frighteningly dark, as if it had been painted with soot. But he was smiling, and this smile made people feel uneasy, at least it made Doman Sanyun feel uneasy. He shouted loudly to Abe Shikaki, but the other party said nothing. Then he performed a hand gesture and recited a mantra with his eyes closed. I could clearly see the energy in his body gushing out from his Dantian and traveling along the meridians of his body. , like clean water washing away pipes that are already full of dirt. In the end, all the toxins were carried into the palms by Abe Shikaki’s energy. He used his nails to cut open the palm of his hand, and saw a large amount of black blood coming out of his palm. The blood was more like a complex of toxins.
“He forced the poison out,” the fat man whispered. I nodded.
After forcing the toxin out, his complexion immediately returned to normal and he breathed a sigh of relief. Abe Shikaki smiled as if nothing important had happened just now. But this has completely stimulated Daoman Sanyun. Doman Miyun shouted loudly, and the three goblins went straight to Abe Lucheng. But this time, Abe Shikaki finally gave a strong response. Hands together. It has a solemn treasure appearance. While chanting a mantra, a phantom appeared behind its back, and I saw three big hands emerging from its back. I thought I had seen it wrong in the light and shadow, but after looking carefully for a while, I realized that it was not my hallucination. Three big hands grabbed three little goblins respectively. Daoman Sanyun’s three little goblins tried to break free, but like the grandson monkey in the hands of Tathagata Buddha, their struggle was in vain.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!” There were three loud explosions in a row, and the three little goblins finally became three balls of blood foam in Abe Lucheng’s hands.
Doman Sanyun’s face was very ugly. His shikigami was destroyed, and the other party still did it with such a strong method, which was tantamount to a slap in his face. The old guy reached into his pocket and found out the mysterious box he showed me before. Could it be that he wanted to release the contents of the box? Abe Shikaki’s face suddenly became serious. He seemed to know the power of the box in Miyun Migumo’s hands, so he was extra careful. Just when Daoman Sanyun put his hand on the box and was about to open it. A strange feeling suddenly came over me, and I stood up from my seat suddenly. Immediately afterwards, the expression