he turned into a tiger-skinned man, it would be a fate worse than death.

he turned into a tiger-skinned man, it would be a fate worse than death.
“Xiao Luo. You must not be impatient. The control of the demonic energy in the limbs is perfect now and the changes are very good. Start moving the demonic energy towards the body and control the speed. If the demonic energy is too strong and gets out of control, the consequences will be disastrous.”
I I reminded you in a low voice but didn’t dare to say too much for fear of distracting him.
The naked eye could see the light green demonic energy rising slowly, slowly clinging to his whole body, moving bit by bit towards the center of his body as if dyed. Starting from the shoulders, the skin began to become scaly, and the muscle texture began to become rough and strong. But it worked very well and he controlled it perfectly.
Senior Han is actually right. Luo Qiong is indeed very talented in cultivating demons. He can do this without anyone’s guidance. He can be called a rare genius in ten years!
The demonic aura gradually approached his chest, and the muscles on his body bulged significantly, filling up his originally loose clothes. After his body completely transformed into scales, the demonic aura exuded from Luo Qiong’s entire body was more than twice as strong. And this is still not the final result after the whole body is demonized! At this time, the demonic energy begins to move toward the head.
This is the most critical step. The head is the seat of spiritual wisdom. If the head is injured, the consequences can be imagined.
The demonic energy controlled by Luo Qiong slowly expanded, and scales gradually appeared on his neck, but the unexpected problem still came! The demonic energy stopped stretching at his chin, as if it had exhausted its strength. It kept rocking back and forth at the connection between his chin and neck and head, sometimes stretching and sometimes shrinking, giving me a feeling of exhaustion.
/“What’s going on?”
/The fat man also noticed something was wrong. He asked in a low voice hastily.
I whispered: “I don’t know, it seems that the concentration of the demonic energy is not enough, or he cannot control it well. The demonic energy cannot go up and wrap around his head!”
“Fuck, what should we do? Can we help?”
Fatty I was anxious, but I wanted to help but couldn’t.
I shook my head and said: “There are specialties in magic. We are not people who practice magic, so we can’t help here.”
But just as we were talking. The situation suddenly changed again! As if he felt that the momentum of the demonic energy was not strong enough, Luo Qiong deliberately accelerated the speed and power of the demonic energy. However, this was like a faucet that was very difficult to control. It was an accident. The situation got out of control instantly! A large amount of demonic energy began to surge upwards unscrupulously. In just one minute, most of Luo Qiong’s face was completely demonized. At this time, he seemed to have lost his human appearance. It turned into a ferocious monster, but from the top of the eye