hands, each performing his duties and guarding one side.

hands, each performing his duties and guarding one side.
As the blood mist filled the air, Yan Fei could only see the young man’s brows twitching slightly and the corners of his mouth turning up. Then, his slender eyes suddenly opened wide, and a piece of light that was more than a foot long and as substantial as a sword shot out, breaking a gap in the blood-colored fist.
Above the sky, the stars are twinkling, and under the sky, the wind is surging.
At the moment of Zhou Jijun’s epiphany, a million kilograms of cosmic power was drawn into the cosmic image in his body, like the tide of the Milky Way rolling through the great sky in his body. The three qi forces and innate essence were all kept aside, while Zijun He and the three snake men carefully guarded the growing meridians. Swept up by this vast power, the twenty meridians of Zhou Tian had swelled as wide as the river.
Ten finger snaps later, a million kilograms of cosmic force surged into the young man’s arms.
Zhou Jijun gritted his teeth and sneered as he looked across at Skywalker, who looked in disbelief, and pushed out the huge fluorescent ball in his arms with trembling arms.
The branches and leaves are flying, and the dust and smoke are billowing.
/The same huge force of a million kilograms collided together, scarlet blood light and crystal white light bloomed, dazzling the eyes. Qian Ningchen and the four could not help but close their eyes and focus on their ears. There was a loud earthquake and the sound of air currents tearing apart the air.
After a long time, Qian Ningchenqiang opened his sore eyes and saw the scene in the field, his expression suddenly changed.
Large areas of lush, lush trees were shattered into branches and leaves in this earth-shattering fight, and were broken all over the ground. The surrounding stones were turned into powder and floated strangely in the air, but they were picked up by the strong air current and could not dissipate for a long time. A large open space suddenly appeared in the originally crowded dense forest. Without the obstruction of branches and leaves, the bright summer sun mercilessly drowned the man in the black cloak and the pale boy.
The young man rubbed his brows and carefully recalled the feeling of carrying a million kilograms of power in the sky just now. At that moment of enlightenment, he merged with the sky and the earth, and absorbed the nameless power that existed in the sky out of thin air. However, Zhou Jijun’s current cultivation strength was still unable to control it, so he reluctantly used it, hurting others and himself. Although the previous feeling of embracing the sky and being in the universe, as if he could absorb the power of heaven and earth with one hand, is gone forever, it has allowed Zhou Jijun to vaguely find his own path of spiritual practice, and to understand the hidden phenomena and the mysteries of the human body. The understanding became deeper.
Raising his head, Zhou Jijun looked at Yan Fei, whose expression turned cold. The corners of his mo