ght, but they were evil. Awe-inspiring, she is no longer the delicate and pitiful person she was when she was held in Zhou Jijun’s arms and bullied.

ght, but they were evil. Awe-inspiring, she is no longer the delicate and pitiful person she was when she was held in Zhou Jijun’s arms and bullied.
If she had been killed that day in Yunzhou, the situation today would not have happened… Not necessarily. The Dayu royal family had laid out a plan for more than ten years just to obtain the Heavenly Book of Gods and seize the throne. , without her, another person will appear to control the Book of Heaven. Although Qian Ruoxi’s cultivation has skyrocketed now, she still can’t break away from the life oath she made that day, and I don’t know when I will be able to use this life oath…
The woman standing on the high pavilion seemed to be aware of it, and turned around Looking at Zhou Jijun, when her eyes met the turbulent young man in white, her eyes froze slightly. The originally intense murderous intent suddenly subsided and became a little softer like water.
Why is she looking at me with this strange look?
Zhou Jijun’s heart was beating lightly and he looked away, feeling a little doubtful in his heart.
She must hate me very much. After killing her, she will be released from her life oath. Why did she warn me to leave beforehand?
Zhou Jijun was puzzled. When he raised his head and looked again, Qian Ruoxi had already looked away. At this time, the arena was filled with blood. Those who had achieved the status of immortal gods had been beheaded by the Palace Warrior. Above their corpses, ninety-nine golden tablets of the gods were circling and floating, making soft whining sounds. Ming. Countless fiery and greedy eyes were focused on the throne, but no one made any sound.
“The sacrifice to heaven is over.”
Qian Ruoxi’s cold voice echoed in the venue. She glanced at the bloody arena, frowned slightly, and suddenly threw the Book of Gods into the sky, her eyes flashed, and an ancient word burst out from her mouth. of notes.
A vertical eye-shaped slit opened in the girl’s forehead. A flash of light shrouded the Heavenly Book of Gods suspended in mid-air. Ancient seal characters flowed from the scroll of the Heavenly Book, and the pages popped out one by one. It is the name of the immortal god’s position. In an instant, thirty-nine golden tablets flew out of the arena and stopped above Qian Ruoxi’s head.
“These thirty-nine immortal gods will be awarded to the meritorious officials of this dynasty, and they will all be the heavenly kings. The remaining sixty will be used as the prizes of this martial arts conference. Those who win the immortal god position will become His Majesty’s King. The imperial palace warrior.”
Qian Ruoxi paused and reached out to suck up a golden tablet. Just as he was about to say something, he heard a low cough coming from the Eastern Pavilion.
“Your Highness Luanfeng, it seems a little inappropriate to divide the enfeoffments like this.”
/“What’s wrong, Mr. Li?”
The voice with such a heavy and oppressive breath was slightly stagnant, and then he let out a few chuckles.
“We have served Dayu for decades and w