“Of course.”
Lu Ya responded without raising his eyelids.
“How serious is the injury?”
“Anyway, it’s much lighter than you.”
Lu Ya said ambiguously, and sighed secretly. Killing Ao Tian and Liu Hai were all to cut off Mr. Jun’s help. As for going to the mountains and seas to reincarnate… How could Lu Ya not guess Yang Jian’s thoughts? Although he used an unchanging face to hide his complex The deceitful thoughts can be revealed, and as long as there are cunning thoughts, the deceitful thoughts can be seen at a glance like Lu Ya.
Yang Jian went to the mountains and seas to reincarnate, and he should have gone forever.
He only has one wish left in his life, which is to avenge Yuan Hong. But in Dongsheng Shenzhou, his situation was over, and only this seriously injured body was left. Trying to fight Zhou Jijun, a strong man in the deceitful way, would be tantamount to death. Only by going to the mountains and seas to reincarnate, lurking down, or fighting to support wars, or building up power, can we turn disadvantages into advantages, and kill Zhou Jijun unexpectedly when he returns from his expedition to mountains and seas in the future.
“With constant internal troubles and constant fighting, no matter how many powerful people from mountains and seas are killed, both sides will be injured in the end, so what’s the use.”
Lu Ya muttered, and the man dragging the long knife disappeared step by step in the drizzle. middle.
Mr. Jun is the first to announce the expedition, and Yang Jian will follow closely behind. In the future, more and more powerful people will come here to unveil the announcement and repay the expedition. However, Lu Ya hopes that after these two people leave, he will This little tavern is no longer popular.
But we can only think about it. Fighting, conquest and killing are common among all living beings in the world. Those with righteous thoughts like Lu Ya have long been reduced to aliens.

At the foot of Mount Tengo, the military camp stands against the mountain, rolling for four or five miles.
In the military camp, the young commander sat high at the head of the tent. Next to him, a handsome young man was studying ink.
“Commander Bu, the count of the 20,000 cultivation guards has been completed.”
/The young cultivator under the tent performed a military salute meticulously and said respectfully. He secretly glanced at Bukongtang, who was sitting upright on his handsome chair and remained as motionless as a mountain, and couldn’t help but secretly exclaimed. I still remember that decades ago, Bukongtang was just the leader of the cultivation world, but his demeanor was already extraordinary. After coming to these four continents, Bukongtang’s status dropped sharply. From the unique giant in the cultivation world of the Song Dynasty, He became one of the disciples of Tianwu Mountain, but his demeanor became more and more majestic day by day. Looking from a distance, he could feel that the man on the handsome seat was not angry and intimidating, and he had a s