y is naturally valuable, which is why luxury goods are created.

y is naturally valuable, which is why luxury goods are created.
Just like your centipede, think about it. Giant insect pets cultivated using mysterious ancient Chinese methods can also help hunters hunt.
This is like a fantasy. Think about how much one can be sold for. ”
/But the witches I trained, ugh, cannot be sold. This is, this is the ancestral precept that must never be violated…” ”
Young man, my father once said, ‘There is nothing in this world that cannot be sold.’ Yes, the only question is whether the price is reasonable’.
Maybe you won’t be tempted by one hundred thousand yuan, but what about one million or ten million?
“No one in this world would spend 10 million yuan to buy a bug, no matter how mutated it is. ” ” Zhang Lisheng said sarcastically.
“Oh, oh, oh, Lisheng, believe me, there are many more rich and boring people on the planet under our feet than you think.
Since some people can spend more than 20 million yuan to undergo rigorous training and risk their lives to go to space, just to fulfill a childhood dream.
How do you know that for those wealthy royal family members of the Middle East who love hunting and spend tens of millions of dollars every year raising horses, hounds and falcons, a centipede that can kill a leopard with its fangs and claws is not worth ten million dollars? ? ”
Zhang Lisheng opened his mouth, was stunned for a moment and said, “I can’t argue with you about the value of luxury goods.
All I know is that it is impossible to sell that large centipede, no matter how high the price. ”
Okay, let’s not talk about selling. I can help you with a sum of money in advance…” ”
No, I can ask you to help each other like friends, but I can never use your money.”
“Okay, you little boy with backbone, I appreciate you even more now. ”
Then let’s talk about your current thinking. You don’t want me to find you a bigger meat supermarket to work in, right?
“That’s almost it, or you can tell me where I can buy cheap expired raw meat. ”
By the way, to buy raw meat, I have to pay with a Chinese credit card, which is the kind of credit card that can only be used at certain travel stores in the United States.
“There are many Chinese students in our school now. I know the kind of card you are talking about. ”
So how much raw meat do you want to buy? ”
I have about 100,000 yuan on my card. If it’s cheap enough, I’d like to reserve it all. Of course it won’t be a one-time pickup.”
“How much money do you have on your card? ”
“One hundred thousand meters is considered a legacy left by my father to me. ” ”
You mean you have a start-up capital of 100,000 yuan to cultivate and cultivate your special mutant insects?” ”
“Yes. ”
Then why don’t you want to buy a small slaughterhouse but plan to buy expired raw meat or work in a meat supermarket?” “Tina asked with an incredulous expression.
“What? ”
Go to a satellite city near New York City and buy a small, legal and licensed slaughterhouse; get the cheapest raw meat to cultivate mutant bugs; sell it; set up