irport, and leave a few people to guard them there.” The

irport, and leave a few people to guard them there.” The
assistant called a few employees to help pick up the things, walked through the corridor, and stood there. Swipe your card in front of the security door.
They came to the studio where Angelo and Augustin were, and told them to pack it up and leave it later.
It had only been less than half an hour since Angelo came in. He used his humorous eloquence to get along with the employees here. He even got a young woman’s number and agreed to have dinner together that night.
The security guard patted Augustine who was in a daze and said, “Let’s go, life is here.”
Augustine asked him, “What?”
“Packaging, all the items for today’s auction have to be packed and shipped away, I’ll get them Come over with the wooden box. I don’t know if there is a suitable box for such a big painting, otherwise it would have to be made fresh.”
Augustine’s eyes lit up when he heard what he said, and he made a gesture as he passed by Angelo.
Angelo stretched and smiled at the woman who was talking to him: “Let’s talk later, I’ll go see what good things have been delivered.”
He pretended to come to Augustine and picked up a statue of David. Sculpture, frowned and said: “Didn’t I tell you not to contact me after you come in? It’s easy to be suspicious!”
“There is something important. The plan has changed. Hannah does not need to take the paintings out. These auctions will be packed and sent away later.”
Angelo thought it through and thought it was a good idea.
“I understand, go and ask her to leave”
in the exhibition hall.
Anya trotted all the way to the oil painting area and walked straight to Da Vinci’s “Woman Holding an Ermine”.
Princess Diana took her two sons to rest, and Prince Harry said he had a scratch on his foot.
Baron Orwell wanted to arrange for a doctor to be seen by them at will.
Han Xuan stood side by side next to Anya and asked, “Can we talk now? What happened to the painting just now?”
“Didn’t you see it?”
“What are you looking at?”
Anya pointed to the Leonardo da Vinci painting on the wall. “Brushstrokes, Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed, and his strokes were from right to left.
/And the pigments. At that time, the pigments were all prepared by myself. They used colored minerals pressed into powder and mixed with water. I sometimes used So
at that time, each painter used different paints, but the colors used in the “School of Athens” and this “Woman Holding an Ermine” just now are very similar, and some of them are almost exactly the same.
Leonardo da Vinci’s three-dimensional The rendering method requires many layers of oil prepared by oneself. I just looked at the damaged areas of the painting. The paint is thicker and layered than ordinary paintings.
As an imitation painting, the proportions of the composition of the painting just now are so good. The paper is very old.
Each character is also very lifelike. Ordinary painters will never be able to draw it. At least I can’t draw it, and neither is my mother.”
Han Xuan loo