Among the giants present, only Lu Ya looked calm.

Among the giants present, only Lu Ya looked calm.
/“Master Yue, with so many military ranks, you can be considered a powerful person in the Western Heaven Realm. But as far as I know, the Western Heaven Zhengshen Emperor Yan is the only Heavenly Emperor family head who controls the Heaven Realm. He has high cultivation, vast magical powers, and extraordinary methods. How could he allow a monk from the four major continents to sit in such a high position?”
After Lu Ya finished speaking, Zhou Jijun secretly thought something was wrong, but behind his words, Lu Ya was questioning Yue Rakshasa’s loyalty to his side. With Emperor Yan’s ability, it is not difficult to find out the details of Moon Rakshasa, but it is too suspicious to let Moon Rakshasa gain the thirteenth military rank and calmly return to the four major continents. Others don’t know it, but Zhou Jijun knows about the relationship between Yue Luosha and the deputy god Gonggong of the West Heaven Realm. It must be Gonggong who concealed it for him, but it is not suitable to tell everyone about their relationship. Firstly, it may make everyone more suspicious. Secondly, If this matter spreads to the mountains and seas, it will harm Gonggong.
Gonggong is the second sage of the reincarnation of mountains and seas, a beautiful woman with terrifying strength, but since she is the lover of Yue Rakshasa, she is also regarded as a younger brother and sister in Zhou Jijun’s heart, half of his own family.
“Old man Lu, are you doubting Yue? Humph, he has said before that you, old man Lu, seem to be kind, but you are the most jealous and suspicious person in the world.”
Under the complicated and doubtful eyes of everyone, Yue Rakshasa With a sneer, he took out a letter from his arms and threw it to Lu Ya.
Zhou Jijun frowned, and in a blink of an eye, a figure appeared in his heart, that middle-aged man with red hair.
It seems that Rakshasa also met Zhu Rong in the reincarnation of mountains and seas, but he just didn’t know what happened.
Glancing at Yue Luosha standing in the center of the hall, Zhou Jijun’s lips curled up slightly, and he became increasingly curious about the story of Yue Luosha’s reincarnation in the mountains and seas for more than thirty years. With his unwillingness to be lonely, it must be wonderful.
The letter, which was less than a page, was read back and forth by Lu Ya several times, and his expression became more solemn.
“Now that he has confirmed Mr. Yue’s identity, we can talk about other things later.”
After a while, Lu Ya put the letter in his arms and stood up.
“Master Jun said that he has a way to crack the Western Cruise Ship’s Return, but Chi You has arrived. If the four of Tang Xuanzang are not killed as soon as possible, there may be changes. Therefore, I set a limit of five days, which means that I will give Master Jun five days to crack the Western Cruise Ship’s Return. .”
Hearing this, Zhou Jijun and Yue Luosha looked at each other and smiled at the same time.
They persevered under the heavy press