attles. With a clear mind and a certain level of predictability,

attles. With a clear mind and a certain level of predictability,
what shocked people the most was Liu Fei’s hand. Liu Fei’s hand speed was completely exposed in front of more than 20,000 people. There was no obstruction at all. Looking at it, it looked like wisps of green smoke. The hands that floated over the joystick made people hold their breath and have a feeling of suffocation.
What a pair of perfect hands!
The entire Drow Mecha University became extremely quiet, and the ugly and bulky mecha without armor plates seemed to become agile and beautiful, like a stunning beauty dancing in the fighting hall, mesmerizing people physically and mentally. The slight cracking sound of
seemed to drop a stone in the silence, waking up Liu Fei who was immersed in the beauty of the bracketed arc steps.
not good!
The engine temperature is too high and the operating speed has exceeded the set load.
No time!
If the entanglement continues, the engine will be scrapped. If one is not controlled well, explosion is also possible.
After thinking about it, Liu Fei had already made a decision.
This is an amazing small-scale and large-direction disguised action. The sudden turning point gives people a feeling of blood flowing backwards.
“Crack” people heard a breaking sound, which was the sound of the mecha breaking due to force beyond its designed torque.
Now, the opportunity has come!
You think I’m an idiot!
The high-frequency magnetic oscillation blade does not have long-range lethality, but it is very popular among mecha fighters because the high-frequency magnetic oscillation produced by the high-frequency magnetic oscillation blade can cause the armor plate to be shattered into pieces in an instant, allowing the mecha to A loses combat effectiveness.
Bill is engaged in scientific research and has a better understanding of high-frequency magnetic shock blades than the average student. Therefore, he chose a very safe attack position, under the cockpit.
Bill’s attack position was immediately praised by the students, and he finally did nothing wrong this time.
There is no choice anymore!
At this moment, time seemed to stand still and space seemed to freeze.
When people are nervous, they often become sluggish, or feel that time is taking a long time, or even feel like space is frozen.
The moment the two mechas came into contact, it seemed like they were playing in slow motion.
Suddenly, an extremely ominous feeling emerged in Bill’s heart!
What’s the matter?
the whole school became quiet.
The fighting hall was so quiet that it was suffocating. Thousands of people stood under the ring, looking at the two mechas that fell to the ground. No one would have thought that the battle would be so tragic and end in such a death.
Not to die together!
Immediately, some people thought of the figure who had just bolted away. Apparently, there was also a living person. The battle happened so fast and thrilling at that time. People’s eyes were on the two mechas, and th