as no sign of the extreme realm. Now there are actually four extreme realms sitting around. No wonder even the Zerg tribe is afraid of them.”

as no sign of the extreme realm. Now there are actually four extreme realms sitting around. No wonder even the Zerg tribe is afraid of them.”
He sighed in a low voice.
The insect girl bit her lip and said.
“Since the merger of the Pine Forest Demon Sect and the Yuandou Demon Sect, its strength has greatly increased, and it has also been linked to the foreign races in the outside world. It is said that the Beiye King of our clan attacked Yang Miao several times, but was killed by them.”
“You still want it? Follow me?” Lin Xin glanced at her.
“I” the insect girl was silent for a moment, turning her head away and not daring to look at Lin Xin.
/She happened to see the white jade statue standing in the direction she turned her face.
This statue
suddenly felt familiar to her.
Her heart suddenly trembled, and she turned back suddenly to look at Lin Xin’s face next to her.
Statue of man in white robe Statue of man in white robe! ! !
/The insect girl felt that the blood in her body was about to freeze and stagnate.
She vaguely guessed the identity of the man in white robe next to her. But she didn’t dare to think about it, her thinking efforts were stuck at the most superficial level.
She knew that once she unlocked the answer in her mind, it would be easy to know what she was thinking at such a close distance, as if it were carved from a statue.
Lin Xin glanced at her lightly. Take a step forward.
The red shadow flickered, and he rushed into Baiyin Dao Palace in an instant. It disappeared in a blink of an eye.
“Senior!!” The insect girl suddenly became anxious.
This is the legendary powerful and terrifying Pine Forest Demon Sect! She is a Yin Fu insect girl who fell into such a hinterland. Once someone discovers her, she will be like a fat piece of meat in the insect nest. She is lucky to have any bones left.
The biggest point of the notorious reputation of the Pine Forest Demon Sect is its ruthless appetite for refining materials.
Whether they are bugs or beings from outside the world, as long as they are not human beings, they can make full use of all other creatures from head to toe, every bone, every drop of blood, and every hair.
Thousands of years ago, the Zerg tribe was wiped out several times by the Pine Forest Demon Sect, and the past with heavy casualties is still vivid in our minds.
At that time, even four big insect mothers had died and were dissected into countless materials, not to mention her, a Yinfu insect girl who was still two levels away from the big insect mothers.
For a moment, the Yin Fu insect girl’s face turned pale and her whole body began to tremble.
Once she loses the protection of the white-robed man, what awaits her is the tragic fate of having her whole body and soul reduced to materials for experimental formations.
Dang, Dang, Dang! ! !
Suddenly, the entire Pine Forest Sword Sect Mountain Range directly rang with bells.
In the blue formation above the mountains, countless transparent flying swords emerged one after another, and slowly