were like ants, unable to move.

were like ants, unable to move.
Even the God of Laws and the God of the Origin of Rules under his control are trembling violently and may be rushed down by the invisible divine power at any time!
But at this moment, a magnificent divine power of the Heavenly Emperor flowed out of the void, like a spring breeze turning into rain, canceling out the invisible divine power.
The same majestic divine energy protects the entire Nine Heavens Realm where the Immortal Palace is located.
Emperor Dongyang manifested the true form of the majestic Heavenly Emperor from it. His divine power was vast, and seemed to follow every dimension line of time and space, straight into the void of the Immortal Palace.
At this time, Emperor Dongyang’s eyes were a little angry.
“Fellow Daoist Zhang, what do you mean by this?”
“Today, if you don’t give me an explanation to the Divine Court, even if you are the Heavenly Lord who patrols the palace, I will definitely take you down and punish you?”
Zhang Jian’s face was calm, he just looked at Emperor Dongyang slightly and smiled.
“Fellow Taoist Dongyang, don’t be so serious!”
He lightly glanced at the many gods of Shenting with vague hostility in their eyes, as well as the angry-looking Emperor Dongyang, and then said.
“I have recently cultivated a special magical power of creation. This method is extremely mysterious and mysterious. Unfortunately, no one helps me test the power of this method. In the True World of Immortality, there are not many people who are qualified to be my opponents. I think of Dongyang Dao. ” Friend!”
“Fellow Taoist Dongyang possesses all kinds of treasures from the world, and I heard that he is good at refining all things. If you and I can argue with each other, maybe we can both learn something!”
Emperor Dongyang frowned slightly! brow.
He frowned and looked at Zhang Jian, with some suspicion in his eyes.
He suspected that Zhang Jian simply found a lame reason to challenge the majesty of the Divine Emperor, or was he trying to achieve some purpose?
Guessing in his mind, Emperor Dongyang suddenly turned grim.
/“Friend Daoist Zhang, you are a guest from afar, and I respect you as a veteran of the human race and a minister in the same palace. I don’t want to embarrass you. But if you don’t know how to advance or retreat, I will never be merciful again!”
Zhang Jian saw this but instead Showing a smile.
“I would like to try fellow Taoist Dongyang’s methods again!”
“Last time, you and I were restrained and did not have a happy fight. Today is a good day. I am waiting for you in the Void Dharma Realm!”
His figure disappeared in an instant. On the ground, before leaving, Zhang Jian’s eyes fell on a Taoist king wearing a silver-white thunder robe.
That is Emperor Leibu, and one of the four gods of the former Inspection Palace, Minglei Daojun.
Sensing Zhang Jian’s gaze, Taojun Minglei shook secretly in his heart, feeling that the look was inexplicably terrifying.
At this time, his eyes flashed with fear.
He had received news