expect that these three families had already been silently seized as heads of the family, and now they were coming to cooperate together.

expect that these three families had already been silently seized as heads of the family, and now they were coming to cooperate together.
The energy of this organization is not ordinary. No wonder we haven’t heard of any attacks with large casualties in these three areas for so many years.
With this organization as the backing, their power is naturally far beyond that of the original simple seal family.
“Are these three families all members of our own family?” Lin Shangxiu felt a little regretful. Originally, she planned to leave the organization after the success. But I didn’t expect that the other party’s power was so great.
“Yes, the heads of the three families will do their best to cooperate with you to obtain the seal.”
The voice said in a low voice.
“Don’t think too much. We have already won over 70% of the aristocratic families in the World Execution Society. This operation will definitely succeed.”
Lin Shangxiu’s pupils shrank.
After a long while, she slowly exhaled.
“I understand.”
“We have no intention of occupying your Qiushi sphere of influence. What we need is your combined sealing power as a strategic deployment. So you don’t have to worry about being used as a puppet. The same is true for other families.” Request.”
The voice seemed to understand her worries and continued.
“I understand.”
Lin Shangxiu nodded slightly.
“When is the time set?”
“God’s Day, next year’s God’s Day.” After the deep voice finished speaking, it slowly fell silent.
Lin Xin was sitting cross-legged in the room, the light of two candles flickering, and the light and darkness were uncertain.
It had been three days since Lin Yaoyang was drunk last time.
In these three days, he no longer suppressed the strengthening of his attributes.
Instead, he adopted the most abnormal method and tried his best to break through.
The Thunder Sword has reached the seventieth floor and cannot advance further because there are no magic weapons or powerful enough thunder energy.
The function of thunder energy, in addition to being a power source, is to temper the physical body.
Lin Xin simply used attributes as a breakthrough, planning to forcefully break through the limits of his physical body, and then use Zhengyang Kung to replenish his body.
It is true that Ben Lei Sword cannot find a stronger thunder energy, but he has also gained some insights into another direction he has been trying in recent years.
There were too many gods in the ancient times, and there were even countless great beings in the universe. They all had completely unique frequencies and bands.
/For those who are closer, matching the frequency can bring out their power aura. As for the distant one, it needs to output a lot of power after aligning the frequency in order to resonate and get a response.
Lin Xin has been trying to find the god of thunder or the frequency of great existence. Just like when he happened to find Qilin, Sanyinluo and other frequencies.
He tried for several years. Because of his training in the Thund