e tragic fate of the armored warrior.

e tragic fate of the armored warrior.
/In fact, anyone with a discerning eye can see that the driver of the armored warrior is a novice. Let alone fighting, he can’t walk steadily and is extremely clumsy. He stumbles and dodges the shots of Vag V3 in an extremely embarrassed manner. .
Liu Fei felt as if his blood vessels were about to burst. He had already switched the autopilot mode of the mecha to the joystick mode he was familiar with. However, because this was the first time he had truly touched the mecha, he would not be able to feel his arms in a short time. Using his fingers, he could only do some crazy small-angle and disorderly disguised movements to avoid being hit by the opponent. This high-frequency small-angle disguised movement put Liu Fei’s body on the edge of collapse at all times.
A laser beam came, almost between the electric light and flint. Liu Fei waved his arms one after another, and an afterimage swept up. The armored warrior suddenly rolled like a lazy donkey, barely avoiding the fatal light.
Fortunately, the terrain of the garbage mountain was complicated. After avoiding the first round of shooting, Liu Fei’s mecha had already entered the rugged rocks of the pit stone, which allowed Liu Fei to breathe a sigh of relief.
Liu Fei didn’t know that his lazy donkey rolling move made everyone burst into laughter. A steel mecha weighing dozens of tons made a lazy donkey rolling move, which looked particularly funny.
“Haha, this kid is interesting. I want to play slowly, haha.” Shao Zhe opened the communication system with Tan Zhaowen and laughed.
Tan Zhaowen didn’t answer, just showed a wry smile. He had long been familiar with this cat and mouse game. He had no other choice but to remain silent. He was just a bodyguard, and he could not influence any of Shao Zhe’s thoughts and decisions.
/The only thing Tan Zhaowen could do was to follow Shaozhe unhurriedly to avoid any sudden accidents.
From the beginning to the end, Tan Zhaowen’s holographic scanning system was locked on the Armored Warrior and the Varg V3, and the interstellar sniper rifle had already been activated. As long as there was the slightest sign of trouble, he would shoot without hesitation.
Some of the onlookers’ mechas seemed to have noticed the murderous intent emanating from the Meteor N1’s interstellar sniper rifle, and they all moved away from it, maintaining a relatively safe distance.
The interstellar sniper rifle is not a ground weapon, but an outer space weapon. The range is often tens of kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers. It is extremely powerful. The shooting caliber reaches 20 centimeters. The energy beam it shoots is almost a beam of light. You are such a tough mecha. As long as you are shot, there is no chance of survival.
Generally speaking, few people use interstellar sniper rifles on the ground. After all, they are too eye-catching. Moreover, in addition to high energy consumption, interstellar sniper rifles also consume unusual energy. They are not available on the market and the black m