ure slowly walked out from inside.

ure slowly walked out from inside.
“Supreme noble master, you have given me wisdom and strength, and you have given me an aura that will never die.”
The figure who came out was only half a person tall, and was a naked red-haired little girl.
Her body was covered with a lot of sticky liquid, and her eyes were blood red like Lin Xin. As soon as she saw Lin Xin, she fell to the ground, crawled on the deck, and gave the highest level of respect.
“Are you Inmantuo?” Lin Xin also didn’t expect to see her transformed so soon.
The little girl lowered her head.
Lin Xin didn’t know what to say now.
But it doesn’t matter if he transforms, at least he has one more assistant to help him. Inmanto’s power can be increased by his own attributes, so it can be continuously improved.
Although this increase is not an essential improvement, as long as he breaks the contract, Inmanto will completely return to its original piranha state.
But as long as it can be useful, it doesn’t matter to Lin Xin now.
After a moment of silence, Lin Xin slowly spoke out.
“You can help protect everyone on the ship. In addition, you can guide the direction of the ship.”
“I will obey the master’s order.” Inmanto replied with great respect.
“Also, remember to wear clothes.”
After saying this, Lin Xin turned around and entered the cabin.
Immanto also quickly appeared in a blood-red waist dress, with long red hair spread out, a delicate and cute face, and exposed arms that were like white jade, without any flaws. Just like some rich ladies from big families.
After Lin Xin completely entered the cabin, she slowly stood up.
/Glancing at the fearful crew members in the distance, she looked directly at Zhao Ke standing at the bow of the ship.
“This is the first time we meet. I am the master’s slave Yinmantuo. Are you Mr. Zhao Kezhao?” She said with a delicate and beautiful smile.
For some reason, Zhao Ke always felt that there was something chilling hidden in the smile of the little girl named Inmantuo.
Sitting quietly in the cabin room.
Lin Xin sat by the window and looked out through the circular glass window.
On the crooked ground below, you can see black, mud-like twisted creatures everywhere. They squirm and spit out light yellow poisonous gas, polluting the entire surrounding space environment.
Occasionally, you can see one or two black-haired giants seven or eight meters tall, carrying giant wooden clubs several meters long, walking around with heavy steps.
Chi Chi Chi Chi
Suddenly a group of little eyeballs flew out of the window.
These light red little eyeball monsters have no limbs. Their bodies are just white and red eyeballs, with some slender tentacles growing around them. They make chirping sounds like birds, huddle together and follow the empty ship. At this time, you can see When Lin Xin came to the window, everyone looked curious.
The largest of these eyeball creatures is the size of a fist, while the smallest is only the size of a grape. A small group gathered together and cha