can be deployed. If you are not afraid, you can go and take a look.”

can be deployed. If you are not afraid, you can go and take a look.”
She suddenly took out two black formation flags from her pocket like a magic trick, “Senior sister, I also sell innate-level formations here. If you like the formation flag, you can buy it from me and I will give you a 20% discount.”
“Okay, thank you, senior sister.”
Lin Xin followed the direction from the left corner. The stairs inside go up to the second floor.
/There are only three bookshelves in the middle on the second floor. Sunlight shines in from the window on the right, forming two golden light pillars that fall on the mahogany floor. You can also see flying dust in the light pillars.
Lin Xin smelled a faint musty smell as soon as he came up. Apparently it wasn’t open much.
Thump thump thump.
His steps stepped on the wooden ladder, making a crisp sound. When he reached the floor of the second floor, he saw that there was still someone above.
A gray-haired old lady was sitting by the window basking in the sun.
“This place is really a bit yin-yang-yang-waning.” Lin Xin muttered in his heart. From the moment he came in, the most common people he saw were women, whether they were disciples, administrators, or seniors on the second floor here.
Ignoring her, he walked straight to the three bookshelves and looked at them one by one.
There are obviously a lot more formations on the second floor. Although there are only three bookshelves, they are densely filled with various formation booklets.
Many of them are advanced and forked derivative versions of the following formations.
For example, there are three branches of the simple magic array on the first floor below: the advanced small magic array, the magic sound magic array, and the foley magic array.
There is also a mist array on the first floor, where there are upgraded versions of the spiritual mist array and the cold mist array.
What Lin Xin is most concerned about is the advanced version of the Little Yanyang Formation.
Sure enough, he found this advanced version on the second bookshelf.
“Red Flame Formation”, “Yang Yang Formation”, “Thunder Fire Formation”, “Wood Fire Formation”, “Stone Fire Formation”, “Ordinary Fire Formation”, “Yin Fire Formation” and so on.
Lin Xin counted down, and there were no fewer than dozens of them.
But what made him regretful was that most of these formations were marked as lacking advanced versions. There are only a few formations that are not marked incompletely.
What surprised him the most was that there was actually a five-inner fire formation.
“Liver Fire Formation”, “Lung Fire Formation”, “Heart Fire Formation”, “Spleen Fire Formation” and “Kidney Fire Formation”.
He picked it up and looked through it. If these five formations could be combined and engraved on a set of formation flags, they would form a powerful Five Inner Burning formation. Opponents in the formation who are not strong enough will burn themselves to death.
“Today and now, Senior Sister Yun, are you still unwilling to step out of the formation ha