nything. There are only patches of deep woods and vegetation.

nything. There are only patches of deep woods and vegetation.
“Stand away from me for a while.” Ling’er whispered to Lin Xin. “They must target the leader first. The closer they get to me, the more dangerous they are.”
Lin Xin nodded.
He didn’t dare to take action casually. Now, since the last time he took action, it was like a different person. Not only did he kill all his opponents, he also killed his own people. This situation is too crazy, and it will aggravate hallucinations and corruption. Taking action now will do no good at all.
“Sir, if you really have martial arts skills, if you can, please do your best to help.” Ling’er suddenly thought of something again and turned back to Lin Xinda.
/“No problem.” Lin Xin nodded in agreement.
Everyone in the convoy almost felt an unusual aura at this time. There were obviously people following them around, but they never came out.
After walking forward for a while, Uncle Wu obviously felt something was wrong.
He raised his hand to signal the team to stop.
“What’s wrong, Fifth Uncle!?”
“Keep walking! It feels weird here.”
“Fifth Uncle, what happened?”
The escorts in the team spoke out one after another, and many experienced escorts already felt something was wrong.
Uncle Wu didn’t say much, but pointed forward.
“We have walked through this intersection before.”
As soon as these words came out, Ling’er’s expression changed slightly, she jumped out, rushed into the corner in front, and came back soon.
“It’s the sacrificial site for the Casing Demon Lord just now!” She said in a low voice with a pale face.
“Sure enough!”
Uncle Wu managed to calm down, but his mind was already in a mess.
“The evil cult is okay, but we actually encountered the legendary barrier formation. This is a large formation that only monks and immortals can set up.”
“We can only form an formation on the spot first. Since the other party traps us like this, they must have a purpose. .” Ling’er said quickly.
“That’s right.”
Uncle Wu thought for a moment and then clarified his thoughts. Since he couldn’t get out, the best way was to form a defensive formation immediately.
A group of bodyguards quickly formed a circular formation as instructed. As soon as they were set up, a group of masked men in black loomed out of the surrounding woods.
“We are escorting the Pangdao Escort Bureau! My friends on the road, I hope it will be convenient for me. The money is easy to negotiate, just for the passage!” When the fifth uncle saw someone appearing, he immediately stepped forward and said, cupping his hands.
The group of masked men did not answer, and looked away from a distance.
“No, there seems to be a mistake, it’s not them!” A masked man looked at the escort’s flag and became a little confused.
“Not again? Didn’t you say they would definitely pass by here?” Another masked man said in a low and gloomy voice.
“Chief, calm down! Maybe it’s not necessarily the case from other directions. We just kill as many as we come. When the time comes, the envoy from Chiji w