Just now, I thought that my identity was discovered by the lunatic from the Holy Light Alliance, so I set this trap. However, I gave up this idea after seeing the guy in front of me who exuded a little bit of the aura of death.
/The mad dog of the Holy Light Alliance will never cooperate with a half-hearted necromancer, let alone a necromancer’s subordinate, then it must be someone else.
Maybe it was other hostile forces who wanted to take the opportunity to retaliate. Unfortunately, it had been so long, and there were only these three people in front of him. Lin Yun suddenly laughed. It turned out that he had been doing this for a long time, and he really thought too highly of these people in front of him. .
These idiots just regarded him as an ordinary ninth-level titled magician.
“Is there an alchemy laboratory on the floating island above my head? A complete alchemy laboratory.”
/In this kind of titled magician, he can be considered a strong one. Wherever there is, a heavenly step appears. You don’t need to think about it to know that it must come from the floating island above your head.
Lin Yun stood in the magic circle and asked indifferently, because he had already seen a small teleportation magic circle not far away. This kind of teleportation magic circle can only teleport less than ten kilometers at most. You don’t need to think about the distance to know that it must be leading to the floating island above your head.
Aedro looked Lin Yun up and down with a sinister smile.
“Stupid guy, yes, the floating island above my head belongs to me. There is a complete alchemy laboratory inside. Soon you will feel the strength of a top master in that alchemy laboratory.
Everything about you They will all become mine and become the last stepping stone on my road to eternal life. To tell you the truth, I have obtained the most perfect method of the Lich Transformation Ceremony. Your soul, your life, and even your magic power will all become mine. The main dish of blood sacrifice.
Aedro laughed. Lin Yun shook his head and looked at Aedro with pity.
“Stupid guy, life has come to an end. Death and life are intertwined. You are the last sacrifice.” The sacrifice is only your own. Let me guess, for the final sacrifice, it is best to use a light mage, preferably a holy light mage. There is really no more, and the flame mage can barely replace it, but the consumption of magic power will increase. bigger.
In the end, there will be a lich transformation ritual that does not require a phylactery, a lich with no weaknesses, a lich without a phylactery, right? ”
A ray of astonishing light suddenly burst out from Aedro’s eyes. Before he could speak, the two young magicians next to him suddenly shouted.
“Idiot, you are going to die soon, the great Lord Aedro. Will rule here. The power of death has eroded this plane, and this place will eventually become the paradise of death. We are all the most loyal subordinates of Lord Aedro.”
“Rage as much as you like, the angrier you are, the more resentfu