n of the transport plane before it could interact with them. Effective psychic communication.

n of the transport plane before it could interact with them. Effective psychic communication.
Liu Qian is not a member of the divine civilization and does not have as powerful a psychic communication ability as Zhang Mengdi. He can only communicate with Mint when Mint actively initiates a psychic message to him. After a certain distance, it is beyond the limit. Mint’s ability range, so he has lost contact with it.
/Without Mint’s relay, Liu Qian and Mo Fan, who was close at hand, could not communicate psychically. He didn’t know how Mo Fan was doing now, but he could imagine that Mo Fan’s situation must be worse than him. Liu Qian could also use skin breathing to prevent himself from being suffocated to death, but if the other end of Mo Fan’s metal straw couldn’t come into contact with the air, he would definitely die.
“Why does it feel like a mountain is pressing down on the top of the head? It’s so heavy that people can’t move at all?” Liu Qian struggled hard, but at this time he was like Monkey Sun who was suppressed by Wuzhi Mountain. Even if he tried his best, he couldn’t move. Escape from the hole in the snow that trapped him.
If he can’t break free now, the longer time passes, the more severely he will be frozen, and eventually he will be trapped in this snow cave with no chance to escape.
“Is there a mountain of corpses above?” Liu Qian speculated in his mind.
Liu Gan’s guess was correct. There was indeed a mountain of corpses piled up on the ground above his head. A mountain of corpses formed due to the battle between the corpse tribe and the mecha soldiers. It was more than ten meters high. The entire mountain was pressing down on Liu Gan’s head. It weighed thousands of tons, so he was so pressed that he couldn’t move.
“Holy crap! Are you going to be trapped and die here?” Liu Gan cursed.
Liu Qian soon calmed down. Although he didn’t know exactly what happened above, he could almost understand what the situation was based on imagination and speculation. If he didn’t want to sit back and wait for death, he had to take action now.
An ordinary person would definitely die in this situation, but Liu Qian could still try to survive.
He has the ability to breathe underwater, his skills have been restored to level 10, he has a crocodile dragon claw, a scepter, a moon blade, and a blue fireball in the second stage of the brain!
If he dies like this, then he must be stupid.
Liu Qian condensed a fireball in his hand and slowly melted the frozen ice and snow in his hand. However, what made him very depressed was that there was no hole formed there. He just melted the frozen and compacted ice and snow. The ice and snow melted into ice water!
No matter, you can now move your hands a little, let’s continue.
/After two or three hours of unremitting fireball burning, Liu Gan finally freed his body from the frozen ice and snow, and at the same time freed Mo Fan and Zhang Mengdi from the ice and snow.
However, their bodies were so cold and stiff that they were no different from the ice and snow arou