“Mengdi, put the magic cabinet away first, and let’s find a safe place to continue refining the magic medicine.” Liu Qian said to Zhang Mengdi.

“Mengdi, put the magic cabinet away first, and let’s find a safe place to continue refining the magic medicine.” Liu Qian said to Zhang Mengdi.
/“Putting it away will temporarily suspend the sacrifice.” Zhang Mengdi tried it and replied to Liu Qian.
“It’s just a temporary suspension, won’t it damage the magic medicine?” Liu Qian asked Zhang Mengdi again.
“It should be.” Zhang Mengdi nodded.
“Put it away and let’s go. It’s very unsafe here. They will transform into corpses at any time. Not only will we not be able to save people, but we will also be buried in them.” Liu Gan said and strode out with Guo Tian on his shoulders. , Zhang Mengdi also followed out with the others after collecting the magic cabinet.
Snowflakes began to drift in the sky again, and a cold wind blew. Everyone who came out of the room hugged their bodies tightly unconsciously.
Although Liu Qian was carrying Guo Tian on his shoulders, he still walked very fast. The girls had to jog to keep up with him. Binghu Villa is located in the southeast of Binghu Town, and you have to walk several streets to get there.
But this is good, as it can be far away from the place where the infected people are unconscious. Once they transform into corpses, they will not be killed quickly and Liu Gan will be caught off guard. No one has experience in this area and can clearly know how long it will take for these infected people to turn into corpses after being comatose. Therefore, the best strategy is to stay as far away from the gathering places of these infected people as possible before creating a magic medicine.
After arriving at Binghu Villa, Liu Qian found some unconscious infected people in the villa. It was obviously Wang Shang who stayed here to guard the villa, but because he was bitten, he was also infected. Liu Gan found ropes from the villa and tied the hands and feet of these people upside down, and then tied them back to back in groups of two to prevent them from running around and biting people after waking up. Walked towards the entrance of the underground warehouse of the main building.
The entrance to the underground warehouse of Ice Lake Villa is not hidden. It is on the side of the main building. It is easy to find. There is a stone staircase going down diagonally. You can enter after opening the large iron door at the entrance with the key.
/There are a lot of supplies stacked in the warehouse, which Wang Shang delivered before the avalanche closed the road. Most of them are food, and some medicines and daily necessities.
After tying the iron door from the inside, Liu Qian asked Zhang Mengdi to take out the magic cabinet and continue to refine the magic medicine. He himself went to the depths of the warehouse to patrol around, found three other exits, and confirmed that the inside of the warehouse was safe. Then he returned to Zhang Mengdi and others.
The next time is an extremely boring wait, waiting for when the magical medicine can be refined from the magic cabinet.
Liu Qian asked the five people to divide the work.