e fog armor covering its body, so he had to find other ways to get rid of it.

e fog armor covering its body, so he had to find other ways to get rid of it.
Taking advantage of the moment when the super-giant crocodile-headed monster was frightened by the explosion of the grenade, Liu Qian had already fled dozens of meters away. After the super-giant crocodile-headed monster reacted, he immediately stepped away from it for as long as The giant legs, which were more than ten meters long, chased Liu Gan for dozens or hundreds of meters in one stride.
Although Liu Gan was hit twice more by its giant claws, at least the ambush he set had some effect this time. When the super-giant crocodile-headed monster came near the rope net woven with special nano-ropes, a As soon as his legs stepped in, he was caught by the rope net. The combined force of dozens of giant trees entangled in ropes almost tripped him to the ground.
But it only almost tripped over. The super-giant crocodile-headed monster was far more powerful than Liu Qian had imagined. After it discovered that its leg was entangled, it roared and suddenly broke away, and actually had more than a dozen strands wrapped around its leg. All the special nano-ropes on it were broken! Those special nano-ropes that once looked extremely strong in Liu Gan were as vulnerable as rags in front of this giant monster!
Fortunately, with the obstruction of these ropes, Liu Gan climbed to the edge of the sea cliff in one breath, and quickly slid down to the bottom of the sea cliff along the previously hanging vines.
After the super-giant crocodile-headed monster chased to the edge of the sea cliff, it tried its best to stretch its head down, as if it wanted to bite Liu Gan, but unfortunately Liu Gan had already escaped its attack range. The super giant crocodile-headed monster opened its huge mouth and roared at Liu Gan several times with great anger. After wandering on the edge of the sea cliff for a while, it looked at the billowing black mist on the sea with some fear, and then gave up the fight. Liu Qian pursued, turned around and walked back into the forest.
After going down to the bottom of the sea cliff, he turned around and looked at the billowing black fog on the sea not far away, with a thoughtful expression on Liu Gan’s face.
/This super-giant crocodile-headed monster did not dare to jump down and chase it. Most likely, it was afraid of the power of the black mist boundary, so it did not dare to get close to the black mist boundary. This showed that the black mist must be very lethal to it.
Is there any way to introduce it into the black fog boundary and let the black fog boundary kill it? Just like the last time at the bottom of the sea, when you used the damaged space door to kill Peng Xuetao who was wearing space armor?
How can we introduce it into the border of black fog?
Tempt it to jump off the cliff?
It doesn’t look like it will jump down on its own initiative.
/And even if it jumps off the sea cliff, it is still dozens or even nearly a hundred meters away from the black fog boundary. After it jumps down, it still has enoug