hundred years had passed. He also knew that he might have felt more pain and regret at that time. .

hundred years had passed. He also knew that he might have felt more pain and regret at that time. .
“I surrender my country and give you a smile… But this country has nothing to do with me.”
The heavy rain soaked his forehead, and the man in white murmured in a low voice, speaking hard to himself, as if he was saying something that didn’t mean anything . related things.
But his gently trembling arms betrayed the grief and vulnerability in his heart.
“The country surrenders its hands and smiles for you.”
In the small wine shop in the past, the majestic hero invited him to overthrow King Zuo of Dayu, the most handsome man in the capital. At the martial arts conference, the number one son in the laughing and singing arena, and the great shopkeeper of Yangzhou who stayed at Laifu Inn in his weak years were like this. He died in the heavy rain in Yuzhou, and his state affairs and family affairs turned into dust and mud. Just for the little longing that was not humane, he gave up his country and his country, and also abandoned his future and life.
Taking a deep breath, Zhou Jijun turned around and stopped looking at the man in white and the man at his feet, but the inexplicable sadness lingered in his heart for a long time.
/One game can determine the mountains and seas, and one battle can kill the saints.
Everyone calls Lord Tengo the most heroic figure of this era, even better than Lord Pingtian of that year. However, in terms of heroes being cold-blooded and ruthless, with a heart as hard as iron, Zhou Jijun cannot really be called a hero. Hero.
He just happened to stand on the top of this period of history, and by some combination of circumstances, he firmly grasped the tiny thread of writing history. In this way, he became a prince for the rest of his life.
Time flies, and things in the seven states are turbulent. At that time, the young man was fighting for his life and death, just to avenge his shame. Looking back now, although we have the seven states, what we have lost is no less than the hundreds of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains in the seven states.
“Since his body has died but his mind has not died, then he should go to reincarnation. I don’t know what kind of bizarre stories he has today.”
On the edge of reincarnation, Zhou Jijun stopped and looked back. The man had disappeared. .
/Lifting his feet, Zhou Jijun stepped out of this reincarnation and flew into seventeen and ninety-nine reincarnations.
The ninety-nine lives are all in Qizhou. Although they don’t know the past lives, they have an inseparable connection with each other. After all, the Ten Thousand Years of Dayu Dynasty was created by Qianqiu in the first life. destroy.
As time went back, Zhou Jijun traveled through Qian Shiqi’s past, but gradually, a trace of disappointment appeared in his heart.
This reincarnation is the reincarnation of the Thousand Seventeenth, and those insights are also the insights of the Thousand Seventeen. Although Zhou Jijun can taste it, he cannot be immersed in it, let alone c