aid with a sneer: “Then let’s see you in the ring tomorrow.” After that, he walked out, I’m hungry Sit back in your seat and continue eating.

aid with a sneer: “Then let’s see you in the ring tomorrow.” After that, he walked out, I’m hungry Sit back in your seat and continue eating.
Jun Yan lit a cigarette. He looked at me and said, “Why are you not anxious at all?”
/“Afraid? Why?” I asked strangely.
“Don’t you understand? You have to fight him tomorrow. He has such solid basic skills and uses his breath so well. This time he has the help of the old man to improve his cultivation. Tomorrow is just to fight you. You can’t use your own magic weapon. What do you mean, each person has a sword? It’s just to prevent you from using evil tricks like Gourd Fire again. If you really want to fight him, even though you have practiced your basic skills well in the past few months, you are still worse than him. Far away. It’s not that I look down on you. If you really compete with him in swordsmanship, you will probably suffer a big loss unless you can outshine him tomorrow, but that is impossible. The old man knows how much you weigh. How much can you improve in just one day? According to me, you can just admit it as a coward tomorrow. It’s not a shame if you’re a man who can bend and stretch. It’s more useful to practice your basic skills now than to be angry.” I think I will lose.So I spent a long time chatting with me earnestly.
I smiled and said: “I have never been a coward in a fight. How can I not fight when people are clamoring at my door? Just watch, even if I lose tomorrow, I will lose beautifully. Besides, I won’t either You will definitely lose.”
After saying that, I left my seat with the empty plate
. To be honest, Jun Yan’s worries were not groundless. I’m afraid it would be very unlucky for me to go up to the battle like this tomorrow, but what he didn’t know was that Xiao Zhoutian, who had been practicing new techniques for more than a month, had improved his aura a lot but didn’t show it. So if the old man bless and improve Pinggui according to my state four months ago. That Pinggui is definitely not as good as me. But the old man’s eyes must be poisonous, and he can probably see through me. In other words, if he sees that my breath cultivation has improved and increases my blessing, then I will be in danger.
To be on the safe side. If I could do a Great Zhoutian and complete the entire new technique for the first time, I might be able to instantly improve my aura and cultivation a lot, but if I did that, it would be like making a start. A choice was made.
Originally I wanted to consider it, but now all the troublemakers have come to my door. I don’t have much time left and I have to make a choice tonight.
Back in the room, I sat on the bed. There is no TV or radio. This kind of life is very boring but also very fulfilling. If a person is fascinated by the colorful world, he will stop moving forward. But now I have almost nothing. They even have to live under someone else’s roof.
/I looked at the moonlight outside, and after a while, all I saw was the “foreign moon.”
A person who can’t even go back home, a person who can’t hold