and said: “I guess it is the holy place established by the Ashiya family in Tokyo.”

and said: “I guess it is the holy place established by the Ashiya family in Tokyo.”
“Holy place?” I was still the first to hear such rumors. Once I heard about it, I asked Riyuro strangely as he squinted his eyes.
“It is rumored that after Japan moved the capital to Tokyo, the top management of the Ashiya family held a meeting. For so many years in Kyoto, the Ashiya family has been at a disadvantage due to Ashiya Michitoshi’s defeat and was suppressed by the Abe family. But moving the capital to Tokyo at that time was a very good thing for them. The insiders they arranged for the Abe family at the time also reported that the Abe family was not planning to move to Tokyo immediately. If the Ashiya family can establish a foothold in Tokyo, it may be able to dominate Tokyo in the future. , most of the senior officials agreed with this, but someone soon proposed that if the family’s sacred place, the ancestral hall and temple dedicated to the ancestors of the Abe family, could be moved to Tokyo, that would be a real expression. To establish a foothold in Tokyo. Everyone was surprised when this proposal came out. At that time, many people did not agree. It was a taboo to tamper with the ancestral temple. For this reason, the senior officials of the Ashiya family once said. There was a fierce conflict, but in the end the final decision was made because the head of the Ashiya family stood on the side of the relocation. Now, the Ashiya family’s sacred place has been located here for more than a hundred years. The ancestors of the family are under the protection of the Ashiya family. Therefore, it is very safe for them to place the treasure house here. There is no place more indestructible than the Ashiya family’s sacred place. “Junyi also knows very well about the Ashiya family. Tell me about this matter in the Holy Land.
I turned my head and looked inside the mountain gate. I could really see the soul power surrounding the entire high temple with concentration. There was a deep and awe-inspiring power guarding this place.
Since it is a sacred place for others, I naturally don’t dare to make any mistakes. Standing at the door waiting for Jun Yan to negotiate with them, smoking a cigarette and seeing how this place is really a geomantic treasure. The entire Gao Temple is surrounded by water on three sides. A small river flows slowly from the left side of the Gao Temple, and then goes around the top and right side of the Gao Temple. It feels like there is a water dragon surrounding this place, and the Gao Temple is like It’s the dragon ball under the claws of this water dragon. The Dragon Ball is the essence of the water dragon, which condenses a lot of vitality. This is where the essence lies.
/“What a great place.” Although I don’t know much about Feng Shui, I can still understand it, and I couldn’t help but sigh.
At this moment. Junyi waved to us, and Qian Liyulang and I hurried over and walked towards the high temple accompanied by two monks. At this time, I asked a little strangely: “Why are there still monks i