aoist Lu Ya and Taoist Zhenyuan got there first. Since they both have gifts, I will not come empty-handed.”

Seemingly unaware of the slightly stiff atmosphere in the palace, the Jade Emperor smiled leisurely and said meaningfully.
/“Your Majesty, you’re welcome. Today is just a child’s gift of catching Zhou Zhou.”
“This monster was obtained by Brother Qian and I from our expedition to the mountains and seas. It is Hetu, the most powerful person under Fuxi, the Lord of the East. Legend has it that Hetu once presented a treasure map containing the country and the country to Fuxi.”
After saying this, Zhou Jijun followed. He took out the Tai Chi Bagua diagram from his pocket.
Zhou Jijun took out the Tai Chi Bagua Diagram and heard the laughter coming from the hall. He looked around and saw that Yun Sheng, who had been crying all night, burst into tears and laughed. He stared at the Bagua Diagram and swayed his pink fingers. The little hand stretched out towards the Bagua diagram, eager to try it. Xixi, who was also held in Bihua’s arms, also looked at Hetu and kept giggling.
Could it be that Yunsheng and Xixi happened to be related to them?
/Zhou Jijun was slightly startled, feeling a little strange in his heart. He really wanted to give it to Yun Sheng when he took out the Bagua Diagram. The Taoist meaning of the Bagua Diagram has already been imprinted in his mind. As long as he spends time studying and comprehending it, he will be able to understand the Taoist power in at least two to three hundred years. Secondly, the Tai Chi Bagua Diagram is as mysterious as a gentleman’s battle. Zhou Jijun also thought that after Yun’s birthday, he could find a new way to avoid repeating his old path. Who would have thought that as soon as the Hetu Bagua Fang appeared, there would be some coincidence with Yunsheng and Xixi.
After pondering for a moment, Zhou Jijun winked at Bihua and said.
“Well, come and receive the gift.”
Bihua let go of her arms and smiled faintly. Yunsheng and Xixi jumped down with joy on their faces and staggered towards Zhou Jijun. Mortal children have to be at least one or two years old before they can walk. But Yunsheng and Xixi inherited Zhou Jijun’s bloodline and were considered the legendary heirs of the gods. Although they could not speak yet, they had skipped the toddler stage in just ten days.
Seeing Yunsheng taking the Tai Chi Bagua chart from Zhou Jijun, Xixi was also squatting on the ground, looking at the He chart curiously. During the dinner, all the strong men showed deep thoughts on their faces, and their eyes wandered between Zhou Jijun and Qian Shiqi. At the same time, Silent. The two fought hand in hand in the mountains and seas, but the spoils they brought invariably gave Master Jun a pair of children. Could this mean that Master Tengo and the Purple Dragon Emperor of Daxing had put aside their old grudges and officially joined forces?
In the blink of an eye, the brief silence was broken by a slightly crying voice.
“He…is Zhou Yunsheng?”
A beautiful girl appeared f