to protect Liu Shaobo because of the chaos and danger in the capital during this martial arts conference. However, when Mr. Liu went to Baiyi Nunnery, there were many female companions around, and they were not easy to follow, so they rested in the surrounding dense forest. Unexpectedly, within a few moments, he heard passers-by say that a fat man at the entrance of Baiyi Nunnery had been beaten until he fainted. In the past, the leader of this group was slightly panicked and led his people to investigate. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be their young master.

Thinking of the treatment they would receive after returning home, the martial arts masters of Liu Mansion looked down at the young man in white with cold hatred in their eyes.
“Fire horse formation?”
Zhou Jijun, who was thinking treacherously, looked at the two figures out of the corner of his eye, but saw that they both looked anxious, and the young man’s heart trembled.
At this moment, eight horses flew above his head. The sun was blocked by the darkness. The bright sword was filled with light, and thick murderous intent was vented from it. Invisibly, it formed a net of murderous intent. He seemed to be stunned. shrouded in youth.
/Did they recognize me? Otherwise, how could I have this expression? But how did they recognize me?
Under the dense shadow of knives, the corners of the young man’s mouth suddenly raised, and the surprise in his heart was instantly replaced by endless joy. In just one thousandth of a flick of a finger, countless past events passed before his eyes like running water, as clear and clear as the light of the sword that was about to cut through his body.
/Luo Dichen saw that the boy who was probably his brother remained motionless after hearing her call, and eight fierce horses surrounded him in the air. The warriors on the horses slashed their swords fiercely, The flaming sword light was about to crush the young man in white into pieces in the blink of an eye. Luo Dichen’s heart tightened and he couldn’t help but close his eyes.
However, at the same moment, there was a startling noise around him. Luo Dichen opened his eyes eagerly and stared blankly at the boy who had transformed into eight identical figures with different expressions. He avoided the flaming horse in an instant. The siege of knights suddenly disappeared and reappeared outside the battle formation. The girl let out a long sigh of relief, and her worried heart relaxed.
Suddenly, Luo Dichen was slightly startled, and saw one of the young men looking towards her, with the corners of his mouth raised, and he actually winked at her. There was something strange in Luo Dichen’s eyes, and then his red lips that could captivate all living beings pursed.
Okay, you dare to tease me and make me worry for a long time, hum. However, it seems that my brother is not that boring.
Looking at the sky, the beautiful girl who was just twelve years old had clear and moving eyes. Her scheming mind was several times deeper than that of her peers. An idea that could not go aw