k Water Sect couldn’t help but shout out.

k Water Sect couldn’t help but shout out.
The head of the sect who made the rude remarks had his neck crushed with the claws of this inconspicuous and thin old man, and was caught in the air without even the slightest ability to fight back. The heads next to him felt chills in their hearts, with drops of cold running down their spines, and lingering fears in their hearts.
Fortunately, he didn’t speak nonsense just now, otherwise,
“Huh, you’re going too far!”
A man dressed in black flew out of the carriage. Zhuwu Zun looked at him coldly and crushed the rude leader to death in his palm like an ant. The old man in the bamboo hat, who was still wiping the blood on his fingertips, groaned and turned into a black light, heading straight for Qian Ruoxi.
“If you kill my leader, I will play with this girl to death.”
After the words fell, Zhuwu Zun’s fingertips were already within a stone’s throw of Qian Ruoxi.
“Don’t even think about it!”
Another person flashed out from behind Qian Ruoxi, pushing out his hands, barely able to resist Zhuwu Zun’s fingers shining with black youth.
Mountain-shattering energy poured into their respective bodies, and both of them were shocked at the same time. Zhuwu Zun took half a step back, while his opponent was swaying and took ten steps back before stopping. In the blink of an eye, the old man in the bamboo hat had already returned to Qian Ruoxi’s side.
“Fang Wuzun, it’s been a long time.”
Zhu Wuzun’s mind sank into his body, suppressing the extremely powerful energy that was running rampant in his body, and looked at him lightly to force him back, but his face turned pale at this time. Martial Lord of the Cha Realm Sect, a trace of ridicule flashed in his eyes.
/“But you alone want to stop me?”
“What if you add me to the mix?”
The hoarse voice came from the mouth of the old man in a bamboo hat, echoing in everyone’s ears like a knife, making people’s hearts tremble.
There were two venerables on the other side, a Martial King, hundreds of disciples, and the murderous army of martial arts masters. Although there are many Martial Kings on our side, there is only one Martial Lord, a Martial Lord who was teased and applauded by a young man in the martial arts realm two days ago.
Looking around secretly, the silver crossbows were locked on them with a trace of murderous intent under the sunlight. Many leaders turned blue and retreated.
“Old man Zhu, you, how dare you be so presumptuous!” The head of Chajing Sect looked at Zhu Wuzun angrily, panting and carefully looking at his face, which was dull and innocent, “Do you know who is this? But the majestic Princess Dayu Luanfeng, how dare you speak rudely and disturb Princess Fangjia? ”
Princess Dayu! ” How could she come to Yunzhou and get entangled with the Chajing Sect? Could it be that the Chajing Sect in a remote place actually received support from the Dayu royal family?
The head of Blackwater glanced sideways at the big and small heads who came with him. Seeing that they were all uneasy, he couldn’t help bu