i Ling’er who was meditating. An inexplicable light flashed in his eyes, then closed, and his mind gradually wandered away.

i Ling’er who was meditating. An inexplicable light flashed in his eyes, then closed, and his mind gradually wandered away.
Qian Shiqi fought against Zhou Jijun on the long street of the capital, but did not get entangled. If he really wanted to revive Dayu, then when the three Ziwei God Kings came to stop Zhou Jijun, he could take action and kill Zhou Jijun in the capital. Even if it can’t be killed, as long as it can be seriously injured, it will be a huge blow to the Northern Dynasty.
Can’t you let go?
The corner of Zhou Jijun’s mouth curled up with a trace of sarcasm, and his eyelashes flickered slightly.
Since he could repent of his promise, he never cared about face. What does he want to do when he returns to Qizhou and takes charge of Dayu? If he couldn’t figure out his intentions, how could he let go and control the Northern Dynasty army to carry out this final war.
The thoughts of the deceitful way flowed, and the past events between Qian Shiqi were like a clear spring flowing through Zhou Jijun’s sea of ??thoughts. On the sea of ??thoughts, the snake man of the deceitful way sat on the chessboard, manipulating the chess pieces with his eyes, and calculating continuously… .In the first battle with Qian Shiqi in the capital, Zhou Jijun was completely defeated, but he stole a chance to condense his thoughts and was able to avoid the fate of life and death. Afterwards, at the martial arts conference, the two of them fought in different arenas, but they competed secretly. In the battle between Skywalkers, Qian Shiqi seems to be heading north with the visitor from the east. In the finals of the martial arts competition, Yu De killed the god and seized the throne. Qian Shiqi sat in a high cabinet, losing all his power, but he helped Qian Ruoxi become a god. After that, he lived happily with the chess pieces placed in Skywalker. Go, stay away for four years, hide in the East China Sea, until he found him…
His heart was suddenly shocked, Zhou Jijun opened his eyes, and his eyes flashed, and then a haze filled his eyes.
/“What an amazing layout. I can’t see the beginning and end clearly, and I can’t tell its meaning. It almost eluded me.”
/His thoughts soared, and in an instant he was on the Weird Way chessboard. The Snake Man of the Weird Way was slightly stunned when he saw the Tao Master’s heart. I want to soar over the chessboard and shuttle between the thick clouds and mist. After that, a strong light bloomed from his mind, and the Snake Man subconsciously raised his hands to cover his eyes. For a long time, the Snake Man held back the halo that stung his eyes and looked at the chessboard through the gaps between his fingers. A look of shock appeared on his face.
Heaven and earth are a chessboard, and all life is a chess piece. On top of the dense chess grid in the land of seven states, there is actually another game floating on it. It’s so huge that you can’t see where it’s going, but it covers the seven states overwhelmingly. The moment the thick clouds and fog dispersed, it seemed to be aw