undation in Qinggong.

undation in Qinggong.
Lin Xin’s heart moved and he followed him out. Also quietly, with his understanding and skill-based effects, any technique in his hands can reach the level of comprehension and breakthrough as quickly as possible. As long as you succeed once, you can quickly grasp the principle. Coupled with the fact that he has practiced Qing Gong for so many years, he has naturally reached the pinnacle. I don’t know how much more than this person.
Although the Shining Body Technique cannot be used due to the limitation of spiritual energy, the body can still lift weights with ease just by relying on the strength of the legs and muscles.
After following the man running for tens of meters in the snow, he saw a little girl in front of him wrapped in a thick plush white coat and walking towards here carrying something.
“Don’t be afraid, Qiuqiu, my eldest brother will take you home as my wife soon.” Feng laughed lewdly and slowed down to hug the girl.
Ma Qiuqiu seemed to realize something was wrong. Her expression changed, she turned around, dropped her things and ran back. She opened her mouth to shout.
A sound of wind came through the air, and it seemed to be some kind of small stone, hitting her waist, tearing open her clothes, and scratching a little wound on the skin of her waist.
In an instant, a numb and helpless feeling came over my heart.
/Ma Qiuqiu fell forward and couldn’t move anymore. She couldn’t even shout. He could only make a small sound of babbling.
The man named Feng chuckled and walked up impatiently. Reach out to hug Ma Qiuqiu.
“Stop.” Suddenly a cold female voice came from not far away.
A brown shadow suddenly flashed and appeared in front of the man in the snow.
“Who?!” The man named Feng was suddenly shocked.
/Even Lin Xin, who was ready to take action, stopped and looked in the direction of the sound.
It was a well-dressed woman wearing a yellow leather hat, but one of her sleeves was empty, with nothing on it, and her arm was obviously broken. His face was just ordinary, he had a machete on his back, and his body was somewhat muscular. And it’s not like ordinary women who wear any kind of decoration.
“Who are you?!” The man surnamed Feng suddenly became vigilant. “I’ve never seen you in the team.”
“I’m just a passerby. I passed by here and I didn’t like you so I showed up.” The woman said casually. He took off the machete from his back with his backhand, and a hint of impatience appeared on his not-so-pretty face.
The man surnamed Feng seemed to sense that the other party was in danger. He opened his mouth and was about to continue saying something, but he did not expect that a sudden flash of a knife flashed in the snow, and large swathes of wind and snow were picked up by the other party and hit him head and face.
He drew his sword and blocked it in front of him, then retreated quickly, but still took a step slower.
Blood flowers flashed, and bright red blood splashed all over the snow. A human head rolled to the ground.
The one-armed woma