his way. The fish in the fishing nets die in large numbers due to the struggle, and it is difficult to survive.” “

his way. The fish in the fishing nets die in large numbers due to the struggle, and it is difficult to survive.” ”
Landon! Stop worrying and go to the net on the left. Look! It seems to be stuck!”
“Damn it! Logan, can’t you have some love?!”
“I won’t say that until you have no money to eat!” Logan said with his middle finger, leaning down to watch the movement in the sea, waiting for the captain Signal.
The speed of the Big Penguin fishing boat dropped to 4 knots. Han Xuan was looking at the radar screen in the cockpit. A black field was displayed in front of him. It kept changing positions and suddenly disappeared from the screen. Aldrich stared at the direction in which they were swimming and shouted to Rubin. Captain Xun speeds up and turns left!
The disappearing school of fish appeared on the screen again, and the fishing boat slowed down again.
The fish were swimming in the opposite direction to the fishing boat. After waiting quietly for a few minutes, the boat suddenly sank, tilted slightly, and slowed down. The heavy hum of the engine could be clearly felt.
/“Stop! Stop! Some big guys are coming!”
Aldrich shouted, “The fish have entered the net! Pull up! Don’t let those guys get into the net! It’s too big and the fishing net can’t bear it!”
Rubin Captain Xun quickly shouted into the loudspeaker: “Set up the net!”
Several crew members on the deck ran around. This time, a total of three trawl nets were cast. There were only nine sailors on the ship, not including the captain, and there were also a father and son who came to catch soy sauce.
With his hands full, Aldrich took off his headphones and went to help.
Han Xuan looked into the sea through the window. The color of the lowering net turned black. The crane creaked and kept pulling the arm-thick rope into the winch.
Tens of seconds later, a bit of silvery white could be seen, and a huge black shadow swam past the trawl net, but it was unclear what it was.
When the fishing net gradually emerged from the water, countless pointed fish more than tens of centimeters long were beating inside. The back was dark blue and the belly was silvery white.
Captain Robinson took out a cigarette and held it in his mouth, playing with the lighter in his hand, “It turns out to be saury. Their prices are pretty good this year. I’m sure I’ll make money from them this time I go to sea.”
“What’s that dark shadow in the sea? Whale?”
“It should be a killer whale. There are hundreds of killer whales living in the bay. They like to eat this kind of fish. Look at the water column on the sea. It is thick and slanted, and the spray is not high. It must be a killer whale. Every kind of killer whale. The water columns of whales are all different. For example, baleen whales emit water columns that are elongated. Look at the dorsal fins of two male killer whales and three female killer whales. These big guys like our fishing boat very much. They spared us a few laps before leaving. .”
/“If you want to smoke, you can smoke. I’ll go down first.” Han Xuan said