ind Xiao Lingling, took off his coat and put it on her gently.

ind Xiao Lingling, took off his coat and put it on her gently.
“It’s cold at night, be careful if you catch a cold.”
“It’s okay.” Xiao Lingling smiled, with small dimples appearing on her cheeks. “I discovered that I haven’t been sick for many years, and I don’t know why.”
She reached out and held Lin Xin’s hand.
“I really want to stay with you like this forever.” Her tone suddenly became a little cold.
“What are you talking about? Aren’t you always by my side?” Lin Xin held her hand tightly, “We will be together forever.”
Xiao Lingling just smiled and leaned her face gently on the back of Lin Xin’s hand.
Her face has not changed for a long, long time. After so many years, the years have not left any trace on her face. It is still as charming and soft as when she was young.
Lin Xin hugged her gently with both hands, squatted down, and held her in his arms.
“Husband, I want to go back and rest.” Xiao Lingling said a little coquettishly. “I want you to hug me”
Lin Xin smiled.
“Okay.” He picked her up and walked to the bedroom with Qin.
Lin Xin opened his eyes and slowly stood up from the carriage.
He drew out the red flower sword, and a faint red halo appeared on the sword.
The halo illuminated the vague outline of the corpse.
/He glanced at the body of the man in white sitting next to him, and suddenly felt an inexplicable feeling in his heart.
“Brother, are you the same as me? You came to this carriage because you collected demon talismans. Then why did you die here?”
“Where are your relatives? Where are your friends?” He murmured in a low voice, as if he was there. The corpse looked like it was still alive.
Lin Xin was shocked the moment he saw the body.
The corpse actually opened its eyes and looked at him with a smile! The corner of his mouth curled up in a strange arc, as if he was still alive.
Lin Xin took a step back suddenly.
He clearly remembered that the body originally died with its mouth wide open and a face of extreme fear. And now now!
Lin Xin stabbed the corpse with his sword.
The body of the corpse was like fine steel, but it could not be penetrated at all.
The red light of the molten iron on the sword’s blade slowly dimmed.
Lin Xin’s heartbeat accelerated slightly. Knowing that this carriage was already weird enough, the corpse in the car was definitely even weirder now.
He slowly put away his sword.
“Brother, if you are determined to die and if you have anything you want to do, you can just say it. I will try my best to help you if I can.”
The words slowly echoed in the car, and then there was silence.
Lin Xin took a deep breath and injected inner energy into the red flower sword again, and the molten iron slowly glowed red again.
Suddenly, the car slowly lit up.
This is the only way to light up this compartment. Ordinary fire cannot burn it at all.
Sure enough, the corpse had returned to its original state, with its mouth wide open and facing forward in despair.
Lin Xin breathed a sigh of relief