firearms, he does not mainly use them.

firearms, he does not mainly use them.
But if what Cai Menghuan said is true, the bullet can reach twice the speed of sound.
Then there is no doubt that these Seracela’s biological weapons will form a large-scale war suppression against Yuan Xi as recorded in the history books of his previous life.
And if there is another way to curb the beheading of the top masters, then Seracla’s large-scale invasion of Yuanxi is really not a fluke or luck…
Wei He felt awe-inspiring.
There are many examples of people who were colonized and oppressed in their previous lives because of backward technology.
Even a Quanzhen master can only travel at twice the speed of sound.
Use your hands to cover the saturation strike, and blast it with reinforced artillery shells four or five times the speed of sound. All real people and all real people will die. Only the master can survive.
In addition, the opponent is not a weakling, and the Master Alliance blocks the beheading action.
The winner and loser of both sides was immediately obvious.
/Even if the Grandmaster survives, what’s the use if everyone else is dead?
“Where are the other Taoist masters!?” Wei He suddenly remembered.
“Some of them died, and some of them joined the Master Alliance…” Cai Menghuan looked grim when he mentioned this.
“Now, apart from our Xuanmiao Sect, there is also the Jin Lian Sect who is hiding in the dark and trying to support us. The other Taoist branches…either surrendered to the enemy, or disappeared and were destroyed.”
“Some of their sects want to use the power of foreigners to counterattack Da Yue, don’t even think about it, these foreigners themselves are also ambitious…” Cai Menghuan’s eyes showed indignation when he talked about this.
“In other words, in the current master alliance, it is possible to encounter Yuan Xi’s grand master force?” Wei He said solemnly.
/The two looked at each other speechlessly for a moment.
Wei He stared at the black cliff with rolling clouds and mist, and his thoughts were inexplicably rolling in his heart, as if they were like the clouds and mist.
He felt as if he was on the verge of being eliminated by firearms in his previous life.
Power is gradually spreading from the hands of the top to the hands of ordinary people.
In the era of martial arts, it seems that the stars are dimming, gradually being overshadowed by new bright stars.
The Zhenjin sect tried its best, but it seemed that it could not withstand the torrent of the times.
There is no big moon, but a new Seracela appears.
Zhen Jin, who was stuck in his ways, could never escape his inevitable fate no matter where he fled…
This strong sense of fate made Wei He feel a chill in his heart.
Just when Wei He returned to the sect and was sorting out the current situation.
In addition, on an island in the sea of ??Yuanxi, there was an encounter that suddenly broke out and started unexpectedly.
On the azure sea, white and blue United States of America Seracla troop transport ships were rapidly a