yone breathed a long sigh of relief.

yone breathed a long sigh of relief.
“How is it?” Joseph asked White Fang in a low voice.
“They were all killed. They were all killed. Even their building was leveled by Brother Fei.”
White Fang said with a beaming look on his face. He put the chip of the hover car into the holographic player. People watched the battle with great interest. Scenes.
What White Fang is playing now is not the holographic video, but the holographic scanned data, and then the holographic image simulated by the optical brain, which is a bit like the three-dimensional animation of the ancient earth. It does not have the documentary quality of the holographic video, but it is clearer than the holographic video.
/After people saw the full image, there was a silence in the room, and you could hear a needle drop.
“She’s left to you.” Seeing that everyone had finished reading, Liu Fei gestured to Binghu. Binghu’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he looked at Liu Fei with a look of horror. She didn’t dare to make the slightest move. She believed that even if If she shows the slightest abnormality, Liu Fei will kill her mercilessly.
“Brother Fei, what do you mean?” White Fang was a little confused.
“She betrayed you.”
“I didn’t!” Binghu trembled all over and backed away bit by bit. In panic, his legs were weak and he fell to the carpet.
“Brother Fei, we need evidence.”
“There is another group of people from the Mythical Era Killer Organization on Lago.”
“It’s up to you whether to kill or not.” Liu Fei was too lazy to explain and didn’t want to get entangled in this matter. After all, he was also responsible. If he had stopped it, things would not be like this.
“Hey, little girl, you are being unkind. Don’t blame us for being unloyal. You should cooperate a little. I will let you die comfortably. If you don’t cooperate, I guarantee you will regret your reincarnation.” Joseph Lame He walked over with one leg on his shoulder and a ferocious look on his face.
“White Fang, you can’t kill me. My life belongs to Brother Xiaoqiang. If you kill me, no one will be able to live!”
After hearing Binghu’s threatening words, the group of people who had been pressing forward suddenly stopped. Obviously, under the power of Xiao Qiangguang Nao, they did not dare to do anything extraordinary, even with Liu Fei as his backing. After all, Liu Fei could not protect them for a lifetime, but Xiao Qiang brother could chase them. Kill them for life.
What is certain is that White Fang Iron Rod and the others all hate Ice Fox, but it is absolutely impossible for them to exchange their lives for Ice Fox’s. For people like them who have experienced disasters, it is more difficult than ordinary people. People cherish life more.
“You can let me go temporarily and wait for Brother Xiaoqiang to deal with it. If Brother Xiaoqiang wants to kill or scratch me, I will admit it!” Binghu immediately seized the opportunity.
“What if you escape?” White Fang sneered.
“I can stay with you.”
“Which of you dares to keep her with you? I don’t dare to.” White Fa