enture, quickly made his choice. Agalon decided to explore this new dimension by himself.

enture, quickly made his choice. Agalon decided to explore this new dimension by himself.
As a result, after Agalon passed through the plane road, he discovered that the other end of the plane road turned out to be a naturally generated secondary plane.
Then, this choice made entirely out of interest created a shocked person. The great star warlock of the entire Northrend world!
The speed of Agallon’s rise is really terrifying.
At the age of thirty-nine, Agallon was only a fifth-level mage. But by the time he was forty, Agalon had already entered the ranks of a ninth-level archmage. He became a mage at the age of forty-three, and became a titled mage at the age of fifty. At the age of seventy, Agalon officially stepped into the heavenly realm.
Moreover, Agalon, who had just stepped onto the heavenly level, showed his terrifying power to the world.
In that year, Agallon fought a battle that shocked the entire world of Northrend with a heaven-level mage who stood at the pinnacle of the heaven-level and had opened up a secondary plane. It was precisely because of that battle that After fighting, people realized how terrifying a naturally generated secondary plane is. It has an almost unlimited magic power reserve, it has the ability to survive like an immortal body, and it is the power of an entire world.
If Rudolph stays, This solidified elemental summoning is really used to prevent the invasion of life in the secondary plane, so Lin Yun is at least 50% sure that this is a naturally generated secondary plane,
but this is just a way to Just a guess.
At least so far, Lin Yun has not found any signs of life in this secondary plane. Even the four basic elements of earth, water, fire and wind do not exist. If this tower did not still emit magic waves, Lin Yun even thought that this was a dead plane.
“Merlin, look!” Just when Lin Yun was thinking a lot, Saruman’s voice came over again.
/“Ah, what?” Lin Yun looked in the direction of Saruman’s finger, and then he saw a huge alchemy circle engraved in the center of the tower hall.
Then, Lin Yun took a breath of cold air.
“Damn it, True Spirit level!”
/This was the first time Lin Yun had seen a True Spirit level alchemy array with his own eyes since he came to this era.
Fortunately, this true spirit-level alchemy circle seemed to be used to seal something. Apart from heavy and suffocating magic fluctuations, it did not react to the intrusion of the two people. But even so , Lin Yun was still very worried and reminded Saruman: “Don’t get close to that alchemy circle.”
“I know.” Saruman also nodded with a look of fear, although he didn’t know what kind of alchemy circle it was. The magic circle, but the heavy and suffocating magic fluctuations made Saruman particularly afraid.
Saruman knew that once this kind of magic wave broke out, even ten of him might not be able to resist it.
The two of them carefully bypassed this true spirit-level alchemy circle and quickly climbed to the second floor through the stairs on the right side of the tower.