alked towards the beach.

alked towards the beach.
Before I had time to admire the scenery, I encountered a soldier checking me again. I showed him the two passes I had been issued earlier, and the expression on my face made me cry.
So when Jason was about to cross-examine, the other party took out his ID.
Jason swallowed his words, nodded and led them to the father and son.
“Hello, I am Faulkner from Half Moon Bay Aquaculture Company.” The gray-haired old man said.
/“I’m his secretary, Salinger.”
Han Xuan took off his sunglasses and saw the other person reaching out to lift his injured arm. “Sorry, my dad is asleep. Please follow me.”
Salinger and Old Folk Na knew who this Chinese boy was, a recent headliner in California, and a series of terms such as family background, company, genius, lawsuit, hijacking, treasure, etc. came to his mind. He smiled brightly and nodded in agreement.
“Fornac, Mr. Segrin, I told you on the phone that I want to buy some fish, shrimp, and shellfish seedlings. A student from the University of California recommended your company to me. The seabed here is better than other places.” Okay, but it has also been damaged. Please help me think about what to do.”
Old Faulkner answered: “We conducted an investigation after receiving your call yesterday and found that the Monterey Bay Marine Reserve was overfished in the 1970s and 1980s. , resulting in a decrease in the number of fish. A red tide broke out here in 1991, and large areas of fish and shrimp died. They have not yet recovered. Last year, California promulgated a new conservation policy and several large chemical plants were relocated. Things will gradually get better here. Yes. Our Banyue Bay Aquaculture Company has been cultivating fish fry and other seafood since the 1950s. You can rest assured that for the seabed, I recommend planting seaweed and kelp first. Otherwise, even if the fish fry are thrown in, they will die or die due to lack of food. Leave. What kind of fry do you need? Ordering in large quantities takes time to cultivate, so it’s better to ask first.” ”
Mainly include cod, salmon, sardines, etc. I will buy some that can be raised in California. According to the scale that my fishery can release, the environment I’ll trouble you.”
“You’re welcome, I’ll have someone investigate tomorrow, it will take some time.”
Han Xuan said: “I may not be able to stay here for long. Then please contact Butler Elna directly.”
A wealthy Texas man visited the Rocky Mountains in late September and fell ill later. Hospitalized.
Half a year ago, he ordered an aircraft from Gulfstream Aerospace Company and agreed to pick up the goods on October 1st. Nothing could be done afterwards. Afterwards, the Gulfstream people asked the old man and rushed to modify it.
/All in all, a new plane arrived ahead of schedule.
It was the Gulfstream IV model I ordered before, and I just arrived at San Francisco International Airport at night.
After staying at Gumball Ocean Ranch for half a month, the place was now crowded with people from the archaeologica