te of the U.S. retail pharmacy industry has also gradually increased. .

te of the U.S. retail pharmacy industry has also gradually increased. .
Eventually, a competitive landscape was formed dominated by three companies: CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. Last year, the total sales of these three companies accounted for about 60% of the U.S. retail pharmacy market share, and it is still increasing. .
Han Xuan’s Xueshan Pharmaceutical Company is also involved in this market. It does not need a retail store. It borrows a small counter in an SOS convenience store to sell some of the most urgent and commonly used drugs, such as Viagra, birth control pills, etc., regardless of market share. Not high, but the profit is not huge at all.
Today, each convenience store only has thirty bottles of diet pills, but in some excellent convenience stores with high sales and high user reviews, there are an additional thirty bottles. According to the old rules, they can also get them if they help sell them. to a certain profit component.
This time, it is not only for sale, but also for advertising Act diet pills and SOS 24-hour convenience stores at the same time. It achieves multiple goals with one stone. Regarding “hunger marketing”, the people under Han Xuan are already experienced. Every time, mobile phones and computers , music players and other products are put on the market, they will be snapped up, and scalpers from all walks of life are dispatched one after another.
Today is no exception. The premise of hunger marketing is that the product has full market potential, otherwise it may be self-defeating. Since the development of Act weight loss drug, it has been often mentioned by the media. A bunch of fat people have long been fascinated by
/Han Xuan and Anya’s helicopter ride. , I went to a small park near the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After walking for a while, I found a large group of people gathered in front of a transparent glass room, including tourists and reporters, and the flash lights kept lighting up.
The main reason why they are worried is that some experts have raised objections, believing that the specific principle of fat consumption is unknown and may cause damage to the human body.
However, drug clinical trials involving as many as 10,000 people have proven that act weight loss drugs are not very harmful to the human body. This is also the reason why the US Food and Drug Administration was able to approve the new drug marketing request of Xueshan Pharmaceutical Company.
During the clinical trials, many patients did have some problems, but most of them were focused on the effects of being too obese and losing weight in a short period of time, such as short-term aging of appearance, muscle soreness, etc. These can all be recovered through exercise. In addition, Some women also experience abnormalities such as amenorrhea and a small amount of hair loss, which are also the effects of short-term weight loss.
After reducing the efficacy of the drug, the probability of these side effects has been reduced to a very small level. Suddenly changing from a fat person to a thin person