ter. Where is the hot spring you just mentioned?”

ter. Where is the hot spring you just mentioned?”
“I just said no on the phone. Qing, they found it at about eleven o’clock.” Jason led the father and son forward and said: “I haven’t gotten up yet this morning.”
Looking in the direction that Jason pointed, they could see it with the naked eye from more than ten meters away There is some moisture, but the light rain is still falling, so it is not obvious.
/“Isn’t that the foundation chosen by the resort hotel?” Father Han said in surprise.
Jason looked frustrated: “Yes, we just dug it yesterday. Who knew that the groundwater would turn into a hot spring? All these days have been wasted.” ”
I should thank you. The previous hot spring was too small, and the amount of water produced every day It’s not enough. You’re so lucky.”
Father Han patted him on the shoulder and smiled happily when he saw the hot spring that looked like a lake: “You have a new job. Let’s expand the previous hotel a little more. How many rooms can it accommodate? Guests coming?”
“Thirty rooms, twelve wooden houses, can accommodate more than a hundred people.” Jason turned around and said: “At that time, Mr. Barton said you were in Hawaii. Why, didn’t he tell you?” ”
No. , I forgot.” The boy’s father laughed. He didn’t pay much attention to this at that time, and left everything to Old Barton for help. He had almost no understanding of the progress. He didn’t see the design until he returned to the ranch.
Han Xuan knew it all and interjected to ask: “If it is expanded, how many people do you think it can accommodate?” ”
In the past, the number of rooms was determined based on the hot springs. The horse riding and recreational activities of the ranch alone could not attract many people. Skiing There is also one in Flathead Town. Mr. Barton thinks it should be more conservative, and I think so too.”
Jason explained, pointing to the pit on the ground, signaling the father and son to be careful, and continued: “The amount of water produced by this spring It’s not clear yet, so I can’t tell now. Montana has a high altitude, so it’s really rare to have such a hot spring.”
As he spoke, he came to the edge of the square foundation. In the corner, a thick spring nearly meters away kept emerging. Blisters appear.
Looking at the scene without Jason’s explanation, Han Xuan could guess that the amount of water produced would be large. He turned around and said, “Then design a big one.”
“Big one? How big is it?” Jason didn’t understand what he meant.
“I want to triple the original plan. It should be a good idea.”
Hearing this, Han’s father immediately objected: “Let’s have fun for free!?”
Flathead County can attract a large number of people every year with the legend of a water monster. Tourists go on vacation, and those tourists would not save the thirty-minute drive to find a place where they can soak in a hot spring.
/As for making money or not, mosquitoes are still meat when they are small.
Even though it was raining, it was a bit hot standing next to the hot spring, an