o empty reward cabins, but none of Liu Gan, Jiang Jinyuan and Zhao Meng entered.

o empty reward cabins, but none of Liu Gan, Jiang Jinyuan and Zhao Meng entered.
“We are giving up this reward.” Zhao Meng replied to the players.
“Why give up? Such a good opportunity.”
“Yeah! Are you stupid?”
“Are you too cautious?”
The players all had incredible expressions on their faces.
“Our current level is quite good, why are we going up?” Zhao Meng looked at these players hatefully, thinking darkly about what Liu Qian just said. Since Mr. Liu said that, these players who have accepted the rewards I guess I’m going to be in big trouble.
/It’s just that Zhao Meng really doesn’t understand what kind of trouble these players who have received the rewards will get into. I hope Mr. Liu is right and that these players who received the rewards are really in trouble. Otherwise, he and Jiang Jinyuan did not receive the rewards, which is really depressing.
Those players who had received the rewards, after talking about Jiang Jinyuan and Zhao Meng’s stupidity, began to discuss and show off their respective awakened new powers, and then imagined what they should do after reaching level 10. How to return to Xinshoucun community to be impressive.
Occasionally, there will be one or two players who feel that Liu Qian’s behavior is a bit weird, and are worried that the reward will be some kind of trap, but after quickly and continuously upgrading, they have a strong feeling of power and the ecstasy caused by the newly awakened powerful abnormality. , allowing them to selectively ignore those worries easily.
It’s been such a long time, and everything is fine, so why should you worry? Liu Qian and the other three must have had water in their heads to give up such a generous reward, right?
More than two hours passed. The last two players also completed the process of receiving their rewards and walked out of the reward cabin. Other players immediately walked over to them and asked about their levels and newly awakened players. The power comes.
Both players had also advanced to level 10, and they were in a state of ecstasy. After showing off their newly awakened abilities, they also joined in the heated discussions among the previous players.
“We people must unite. Once we unite, we will be a very powerful force. There is no need to act based on other people’s faces.” The player who received the reward first was the one who scolded Liu Gan. A player, at this time, he tried his best to win over other players who were newly promoted to level 10.
This person knew that he had insulted Liu Gan, and he must have offended Liu Gan to death. He would definitely not get any good results when he returned to the community. But now he has advanced to level 10, awakened new attack abilities, and has powerful With his strength, and gathering a group of people around him, there is nothing to be afraid of Liu Qian.
“Yes! What you said makes sense. We must unite.” After looking at Liu Qian’s direction, other players also agreed with the player. They used to be members of the Presbyterian Church, and t