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“You can tell the truth now, why are you locked in the dungeon? Don’t talk to me about being locked in by your companions. If you continue to lie to me, I don’t mind handing you over to Brother Zhang Let’s deal with it.” Although Liu Qian was not very interested in the answer to this question, he still asked casually. He knew that the white coat was lying about many things.
“There was a riot in the laboratory. I was imprisoned in the dungeon by others. I shouldn’t have lied to you.” Liu Qian in the white coat answered after a moment of silence.
“You just lied to the rest of us? There was a riot in the lab, and others put you in a dungeon and gave you food and a mobile phone? You kept lying to me and you wanted me to keep my promise to you? You think I’m stupid Are you easy to deceive? Or are you too stupid and too smart?” Liu Qian’s face turned cold.
“I said, I said.” Bai Daguao didn’t seem to want to live as he said, but wanted to live. Seeing that Liu Qian and Zhang Shengli might be serious about it, he was forced to decide to say more. out in exchange for his own chance of survival.
/“Speak quickly! I don’t have much patience. If you dare to lie to Mr. Liu again, I will chop you with an ax immediately!” Zhang Shengli made a few gestures on the neck of his white coat with a fire ax, and his tone sounded very impatient.
“I am actually the investor behind the scenes. Because the progress of the experiment could not keep up with my requirements, I forced the experimenters to do some things they were unwilling to do, which caused them to riot, lock me up, and prepare to transport me to the police. . But they were very timid and fearful that I would starve to death inside, so they left me food and mobile phones before the police came.” The white coat continued hesitantly.
“What did you force them to do that they didn’t want to do?” Zhang Shengli asked next.
“Because I had to meet the deadline, I kept urging my team to speed up the progress. Later, I had no choice but to start in vivo experiments. I spent money to trick some patients who couldn’t afford or couldn’t be cured into coming to our laboratory to conduct vivisection experiments. , the recruited experimenters refused to accept this cruel practice, so I also made living test specimens from several experimenters who took the lead in sabotaging their work. However, I did not expect that the security guards actually colluded with them and rebelled and locked me up. Get up.” The white coat had a gloomy expression on his face.
“You really deserve to die!” Zhang Shengli struck the ground next to the white coat with an axe, making the white coat tremble in fright.
“Yes! It’s so terrifying to actually use those poor desperate patients for human experiments and vivisections, right next to us! It’s so abominable! It’s simply outrageous!”
“Kill him! This kind of person is really terrible. You shouldn’t live in this world!”
“The disaster may be related to people like them!”
After hearing what the white coats said, several local survivors ha