lks the cicada, but the oriole is behind, this silly boy was not pretending to be stupid before. In fact, he is the real oriole, right?

lks the cicada, but the oriole is behind, this silly boy was not pretending to be stupid before. In fact, he is the real oriole, right?
“Him? You think too highly of him, don’t you? Even if he was pretending to be stupid before, how can he fight with a bitch in a blue suit? Once a fight breaks out, no matter how I see it, the bitch will crush the stupid boy. It’s impossible. There are other results.” Xiao Rushi didn’t agree with Jiang Shujun’s point of view.
“Who knows? Keep reading.” Jiang Shujun no longer dares to think that he is a wise man. He himself failed to persist to the end and lost to Xiao Rushi and Zheng Xiaoyi, so he is embarrassed to deduce and evaluate others. .
“It seems that only one of us can survive.” Liu Gan took a few steps back, took out ‘Leng Qiu’ from the dimensional space and held it in his hand.
“You’re right, you actually have a purple weapon. It seems like you were pretending to be stupid earlier?” Zheng Xiaoyi hesitated for a moment, but quickly calmed down. Although Liu Qian also had a purple weapon, he had all the weapons on him. How can she fight Zheng Xiaoyi who is dressed in blue and dressed in purple? Her armor power is twice his!
Not to mention that she can cast a healing spell on herself once every minute to replenish a lot of armor energy.
Liu Qian looked at Zheng Xiaoyi and shook his head. He now felt that he was too cautious when he was in the cave room. He put on a full set of purple clothes and wanted to fight. He never thought that there was only one woman left above. Knowing this If this happens, he doesn’t need to change his clothes. He can easily kill her with a full blue suit, but now it feels like he is killing a chicken with a knife.
/“Are you scared? Are you begging for mercy? Take the initiative to hand over the pistol components. I will leave you a way to live. The four of them were not killed by me. They killed each other. I am not that cruel.” Zheng Xiaoyi smiled at Liu Qian Getting closer.
“You little bitch really knows how to lie and the four of us killed each other and then all died?”
“It’s just a lie to a stupid boy. Who would believe it if it were anyone else?”
“Forget it, let’s continue watching the show. Alas, we can only do it now. We can watch the show now.” Several soul balls were lamenting and talking while watching the battle in mid-air.
“Do you think I’m easy to bully in my blue suit, so that’s why I’m so arrogant?” Liu Qian took a few steps back and stood next to the wall.
/“Yes, no? I’m wearing a purple suit, so you can’t be my opponent. Just accept your defeat! In fact, since you’ve already pretended to be dead, you shouldn’t have come out of the hole. You can just leave quietly after I leave. But you are so stupid, you actually came to my door, why should I not accept it?” Zheng Xiaoyi laughed.
“What if I don’t have a full set of blue clothes, but a full set of orange clothes?” After Liu Qian retreated to the wall, his external armor emitted a dazzling orange light in an instant.
That illusion robe can not only lower one