“Not interested.” Liu Gan shook his head. He had a sensor chip in his brain. This detector obviously had duplicate functions and was of no use to him.
“Not interested? Do you know how much this thing costs? How many team members dream of getting it?” Shao Jiefeng’s eyes widened.
“Not interested, find something else.” Liu Qian had a very determined expression, and of course he would not explain anything.
“What about this? I got a set of spider armor from the alien battlefield with a narrow escape! It takes two gold medals to exchange for it!” Shao Jiefeng had no choice but to take out another treasure.
Liu Gan checked the description of the spider armor. This is a set of light armor that can provide additional armor protection for soldiers entering the outer space battlefield. Moreover, the biggest advantage of this armor is its left and right arm armor. There is an extremely tough spider-like thread made of some kind of alien technology on each of them. After being ejected, the special glue at the head of the spider thread can adhere to any material. After pressing the mechanism, it will immediately Take it back into the arm armor.
“Just by putting it on, you can shoot a spider silk from your hand and fly around like Spider-Man?” Liu Qian almost understood.
“You are very smart.” Shao Jiefeng nodded. If he didn’t have a better replacement armor, he would not be willing to take out this armor to Liu Gan in exchange for two more gold medals!
Moreover, it is not certain whether Liu Qian can win three gold medals.
/“This armor alone is worth a gold medal.” Liu Qian and Shao Jiefeng began to bargain.
“Two, no need to talk!” Shao Jiefeng put away the spider armor angrily. This armor had accompanied him in dozens of battles in the outer star field. If it weren’t for this powerful armor, he would have been He had saved the day from danger many times, but he wouldn’t be where he is today. Liu Qian actually said he was only worth a gold medal, which hurt his self-esteem!
“Okay, two. Do you have any other treasures? Maybe I can get many, many gold medals!” Liu Qian knew that after he got the gold medal and was promoted to sergeant, if he wanted to be promoted to lieutenant, he would have to go to the outer star battlefield. Okay, now look for Shao Jiefeng in exchange for some treasures on the outer star field battlefield. It will be of great help to his ability to survive in the outer star field.
“Do you think that winning a gold medal is like eating dumplings? Go ahead!” Shao Jiefeng felt that he could no longer talk to Liu Gan. Who is this person? Simply greedy!
“Maybe if I get the gold medal, it’s like eating dumplings? You just took out your treasure and showed it, and I won’t take it from you. Why are you so stingy?” Liu Gan said with a look of disdain.
“Okay, I can’t scare you to death if I bring out two more items!” Shao Jiefeng was so provoked by Liu Gan that he actually brought out two more treasures from the outer star field battlefield.
“This is a holographic decoy bomb. In the alien batt