There are also Earth Immortals from the Illusion Sea and the Polar Regions coming.
The Dragon and Snake Realm lost two generals in one night. It was confirmed that the Dragon Girl who had sworn sworn sworn sworn love had died in a ruins in the Black Cloud Mountain decades ago. She was tortured in all kinds of ways before her death, and her death was extremely miserable. Not even the soul was left behind for reincarnation.
The Dragon Turtle was poisoned by the Yin Demon Corrupt Heart Poison. This poison is one of the eight strange poisons in the Shadow City. It is known for its quick effects and extremely strong toxicity. In addition, its vital point was stabbed by a blow, so the soul was also destroyed.
The two tyrannical earth immortals and the holy land were completely destroyed.
Only Long Snake is left. As for the rest of the earth immortals trained, most of them are only at the Chen Ning level. It is okay to deal with fifth-level human immortals, but if you really have to face high-level powerful people, it is the difference between taking a few more shots.
For a time, the entire Dragon Snake world became even more decadent. Originally, because the Dragon Snake’s end was approaching, there were no suppressive masters.
Coupled with the poverty of the dragon and snake world, it showed a decline. Now that the two great earth immortals have perished at the same time, it is even worse.
Just as Lin Xin was rushing back, he received another message.
The Emperor Zhi Realm challenged the Dragon and Snake Realm to merge their ownership rights.
To put it simply, they want to annex the dragon and snake world!
/The ownership integration challenge is a rule set by Bihu Mountain for the lords under their command who lack the strength to protect their own territories.
/When you determine that you no longer have control over your territory and are unable to cope with the threats coming from outside your territory, others can take the initiative to challenge your ownership of the territory.
If you cannot hold it, you must surrender control of the territory.
Of course, this rule is only limited to those small worlds that do not have fused boundary stones and are given by the sect.
The dragon and snake world of dragon and snake belongs to this category.
The Zhihuang Realm has always been one of the old enemies of the Dragon and Snake Realm. Unlike the Qingshan Realm, the master of the Zhihuang Realm is also in the realm of Earth Immortal and Life Candle, and his enmity with the Dragon and Snake is not too big.
It can be regarded as one of the forces that Dragon Snake offended when he was young and strong.
The reason why he has not taken action is because he does not want to pay too much price. After all, the dragon and snake world is too barren. The Dragon Snake Realm Lord himself is also powerful.
And the reason why we take action now is because, no matter how barren it is, the Dragon and Snake World is still a small world, even though this small world is about to face its doomsday collap