y fed it some more soul beads and unused equipment. .

y fed it some more soul beads and unused equipment. .
Unfortunately, the dimensional space is too small and there is not much equipment to feed it. Once you leave the dungeon and return to Qingzhu City, you can feed it properly.
When Liu Gan was fighting mutant zombies before, he got a lot of equipment. What couldn’t fit in the dimensional space was swallowed up by a few pieces of purple equipment. After he got the equipment again, it seemed that it would be more cost-effective to feed it to the alien zombies, so that they could be made. Recover from a weakened state while still allowing it to grow to a certain extent.
After successfully sealing the alien zombies, Liu Gan hurried back to the building, put on a blindfold and was teleported into the building. After entering, the other players were no longer there. They had cleared the first room and were in the system. Entered the second room at the prompt.
A system prompt also appeared in the darkness in front of Liu Gan, pointing in the direction to the next room. At the same time, the sensor chip in Liu Gan’s brain sensed the surroundings, and soon sensed the energy formed by the other five players. Wave, walked towards the direction where the energy wave came from, and soon heard the sound of them fighting with zombies.
“Liu Gan, where did you go just now? I didn’t answer my call. I thought you were dead!” Xiao Ru said. After Liu Gan teleported out of the building just now, his name turned gray. There are only two possibilities for this situation. One is that Liu Gan is dead, and the other is that Liu Gan is not in the same space as them.
“I was attacked by an alien zombie, and my reaction was a little slow. I was caught by it and put on the blindfold. As a result, I was teleported outside the building with it. After running in a big circle to avoid it, I put on the blindfold again and came back. I thought you were gone. , I was shocked! Fortunately, I had the guidance of the system, so I followed him.” Liu Qian had already thought of his words when he came over.
“The alien zombie was teleported outside the building with you?” Jiang Shujun confirmed to Liu Qian with some suspicion.
“Yes! Maybe this is the way to solve it, right? The alien zombie is a metal monster and cannot be killed at all.” Liu Gan bullied these players into being blind, saying that they could only believe whatever they said.
“It’s a fool’s errand. You actually managed to deal with that difficult alien zombie like this. Did you get any reward?” Li Ridong clearly believed Liu Qian’s words.
“I can’t defeat it, so I can only escape. How can there be any reward?” Liu Qian said in a depressed tone.
“It won’t follow you in again, right?” Jiang Shujun’s worried tone seemed like he had already believed Liu Qian’s words.
/“No, I have a bracelet. As long as it follows, I can sense it through the bracelet.” Liu Qian denied Jiang Shujun’s statement.
After the other players discussed this matter for a few words, they said nothing more and concentrated on dealing with the zombies in f