h Emperor’s real body absorbs innate spiritual intelligence is much faster than that.

h Emperor’s real body absorbs innate spiritual intelligence is much faster than that.
If he were to completely let go and directly manifest the Earth Emperor’s true form, he would be able to drain all the innate spiritual energy here in an instant, and even the Heart of Ten Thousand Trees could be completely swallowed up.
However, Zhang Jian was not in a hurry.
Understanding the supreme mystery of endless life and integrating it into the mediating creation, he can continuously refine it, split it into new essence and blood, and gradually integrate the remaining three thousand divine orifices.
It’s just a little bit of work on the left.
He’s not short of time.
Zhang Jian raised a palm, and an invisible vortex emerged from the palm, as if the energy from the origin of countless heaven and earth avenues condensed and formed. It was continuous and endless, and seemed to possess an immortal divine power.
This is the way to mediate creation.
/After understanding the realm of endless life and the unity of heaven and earth, this magical power of creation becomes more and more harmonious and flawless, revealing the artistic conception of Hunyuan Wuji.
Unparalleled majesty and strength.
The so-called Hunyuan Wuji is not the original energy.
Vast, boundless.
There is also a kind of great power that can refine the world and destroy and create with one thought.
This great power has transcended the realm of the second-turn Taoism and stepped into the realm of the third-turn Taoism.
This even goes beyond the scope of supreme supernatural power.
Zhang Jian’s face was calm, but it didn’t change much.
He could feel that this was not the limit of mediating creation.
If he could make the illusory innate immortal light inside the twelve-leaf innate green lotus turn into reality, and be promoted to the innate spiritual root, and cooperate with the method of mediating creation, he might really be able to shake the heaven and the earth, and destroy the sky with one hand.
However, the innate immortal aura inside the twelve-leaf innate green lotus needs to be transformed into reality, just like his Earth Emperor true body, which also requires the condensed creation origin of a dozen Yuanhui.
This is not a matter of success once the realm is reached.
The cohesion of essence, blood and origin cannot be created out of nothing.
Zhang Jian sighed slightly.
When the innate green lotus turns into the innate spiritual root again, he will be able to completely complete the form of the most powerful person.
A smile appeared on Zhang Jian’s face.
At this moment, the voice of Taoist Changsheng sounded.
“It’s really amazing. I didn’t expect that you only took about ten thousand years to cultivate the Wood Spirit Immortal Way to this level. I’m afraid you are not inferior to other Taoist masters who have achieved the other side with the Wood Spirit Immortal Way!”
The voice of this Taoist Master said. There was some emotion, but the conversation suddenly changed.
“But your innate green lotus seed is not th