“Watching TV!”

“Auntie understands right away,” Zhao Song extended his thumb and pointed at the 6-meter-large counter, “Our family sells computers. Without this thing, I really can’t give it to you!”
“There are some in the next passage. If you go there and get one for me, it’s over!”
“I can’t get it, auntie, I have to spend money to get the goods!” The electronic market has the rules of the electronic market. The price list is not the price of the goods. The most basic bottom line is to follow the price list. You don’t have to pay the installation fee, or you can If you get a keyboard and mouse as a gift, you have to dare to pay less than the price list. The whole market can teach you how to be a good person! If you dare to use your commission to attract business, then the entire gang of solicitors will let you sing “Why is Huaer so popular” three times?
“Then I don’t care, I want that!”
Zhao Song looked at the fashionable aunt in front of him and said helplessly: “Auntie, didn’t you say that the price quoted by Brother Song across the street is lower than mine? I think you are tired too. You are holding this bottle of Jianlibao. It hasn’t been opened yet. Go to the opposite side. Talk again?”
/“I’m looking for you!”
/“Why are you looking for me? I really can’t give it away?”
“I like you!”
Zhao Song was about to cry but had no tears. He saw that everyone in the passage was gloating about the misfortune. Sister Dada was watching with gusto from the back, just missing a handful of melon seeds!
“Auntie, what do you like about me? Can’t I change it?” The whole audience burst into laughter. The middle-aged women also laughed out loud, and Sister Da even spread her arms on her desk.
Boss Wu on the opposite side smiled and said: “College student, why don’t you just buy this big sister one? The whole audience is watching, no wonder you!”
Zhao Song curled his lips inwardly, knowing that he was not being kind, so he stretched out his palm towards Boss Wu and said, “Uncle Wu, 50 meters! This aunt wants me to give her 50 meters of terminal wire, which is almost 200 yuan.” Boss Wu, who was drinking tea, suddenly sprayed all over the floor.
Zhao Song thought for a while and realized that it was not an option to continue spending so much. He could usually place three orders in such a long time. He took out the remaining 600 yuan from his trouser pocket after buying the memory, “Auntie, look, there is a huge sea of ??people. I greeted you, and you chose me!” With a loud laugh, Zhao Song said loudly and affectionately: “Let’s do each other a favor. I’ll give you 100 yuan, and you can add more yourself, and go next door. Buy an S line, and then you don’t have to come to me. You can go directly to Brother Song across the street. They are a Gigabyte dealer. The quality is excellent and the price is low. Do you think it’s okay?”
Everyone around the counter became quiet, and then everyone nodded. Instead of wasting time here, it would be better to pay the customer to leave without breaking the rules. Not only will I not be