etely break through the nine heavenly seals together.”

etely break through the nine heavenly seals together.”
If all nine true skills are entered into Jin, the body-protecting power will be once again substantial improvement.
This is what Wei He expected.
Immediately, he closed his eyes, used his thoughts as thorns, and prepared to activate the realm-breaking beads in his chest.
At the same time, imagine the Tianyin Nine Strikes True Kung Fu as a whole.
Wei He imagined his mind piercing the realm-breaking bead.
But it was a pity that the Realm-breaking Pearl remained unmoved and was still floating in his heart.
He was stunned.
/Once again, as before, thoughts are thorns piercing the Realm Breaking Pearl.
The Broken Realm Bead trembled slightly, then returned to calmness and remained motionless.
‘No? Wei He frowned.
He guessed that it might be that the eight true skills were improved at once, and the consumption could not keep up, so the Realm Breaking Pearl would naturally be unable to do anything.
“Then, we can only achieve breakthroughs by improving one door at a time.” Wei He had no choice but to change his target to the first door, Lan Gong, the epitome of Arc Light Institute.
This true skill is the same as the rain-covering and cloud-gathering skill, and it also moves at a fast speed. But the two are different.
The epitome of Lan Gong master’s outbreak, the Rain-covering Cloud Gathering Gong master’s continuous acceleration for a period of time.
In terms of specific comparison, the epitome of Lan Gong is a short line segment, which explodes very fast, faster than Fuyu Jin.
The rapidity of the rain-covering and cloud-gathering skill is a long line segment, which cannot be closed until the energy is consumed to a certain extent. The speed is correspondingly slower.
Wei He chose this one first because he wanted to increase his speed. Convenient to deal with all kinds of troubles.
A stab in the heart.
This time it worked.
Wei He clearly felt that the Breaking Realm Pearl suddenly turned into countless heat streams and flowed into his body.
/The drug introduction required for the miniature Lan Gong is the feather of an exotic animal called the Golden Winged Eagle. Of course, this is the minimum requirement.
Wei He decisively replaced it with the strongest one among the strange beasts of the same attribute type that he had searched for in ancient books.
However, an idea came to his mind, and he first tried to imagine the feathers of the mythical golden-winged roc.
As a result, the Realm-breaking Pearl that had just turned into a stream of heat was completely unconvinced, and quickly retracted into the heart, returning to its original state.
‘Isn’t it really possible? Is it a complete fantasy that doesn’t exist? Or is it that the energy of the Breaking Realm Pearl simply cannot support things of that level? ‘Wei He can’t judge.
Thinking about it, the Breaking Realm Bead completely relies on the energy he accumulates from eating and drinking in his daily life. It relies on him alone. Even if it can simula