cks, that is an unimaginable wealth, what do you think? “

cks, that is an unimaginable wealth, what do you think? ”
Xingsheng’s mouth had already opened. At this time, everyone in the room realized that something was wrong. No one had time to do anything. Xingsheng’s voice sounded:
Zhao Rong stopped everything.
The meeting was still Will continue. Zhao Song
calmed down
sadly .
But the veins on his neck couldn’t hide the anger in his heart.
Gui Extreme headache.
He weakly signaled that Zhao Rong would take over next, otherwise he was afraid that he would actually do something.
“Zhao Song, this is enough!” Zhao Rong said angrily, feeling terrified in his heart. He was still assessing the threat level of Liao Yingzhu, but when he looked up, he discovered Xingsheng’s anomaly. If they had been so late, all their efforts would have been in vain. Wei Wuyou:
“Don’t you think it’s too much to take advantage of a dying old man?”
Zhao Song asked calmly: “Who is it?”
“You know who it is!”
“Oh~” Zhao Song looked at the silent man with his head lowered. Xingsheng, “Cremation or burial?”
/“Zhao Song!” Zhao Rong screamed!
Xingsheng’s fists were clenched and trembling, and the corners of his mouth had been bitten. A wisp of blood made all onlookers focus.
Maybe this is the pure business world.
There is no bottom line, no lower limit. You can ignore friendship, be ungrateful, shameless, and vicious. As long as you can achieve your goal, you don’t have to care about moral standards!
“Isn’t this what you taught me?” Zhao Song asked softly, “Actually, the student still embarrassed the two teachers because I was soft-hearted and did not wear the old man’s favorite Mao suit.”
This is Zhao Song Song?
David withdrew his gaze from the hot girl and looked at the young rich man with a serious face.
Nancy’s expression was solemn, as if she was considering the necessity of becoming an enemy of the mature Zhao Song.
The national representatives were thoughtful, and some took out pen and paper to write down their thoughts.
Some of the rebel generals were finally shaken. Their eyes wandered, and a few even looked at the door, possibly considering the possibility of escaping from this terrible place.
Wen Jing ignored her father’s worried look and closed her eyes again.
“If you really put it on, the meeting might be over.” Xingsheng unclenched his fists and said calmly.
Zhao Rong was not so calm. She didn’t know if she was angry. Her voice was trembling: “Do you know the consequences of doing this?
” What he said was completely irrelevant, “The transfer of wealth worth tens of billions of dollars should come at the cost of dead people!”
Someone took a breath of air.
The door of the conference room was knocked open, and the traitor Shi Ming staggered out and ran out. When Qin Hai was about to close the door again, a thin figure knocked him open again and ran out.
It’s the little beauty behind Wei Fang.
Everything happening here is different from what they thought!
“No one wants to die,” Zhao Rong patie