Zhao Song interrupted Zhang Jianmou with a smile and asked slowly:
/“You called me so late and talked about such an important thing. Did something happen to you? ”
…Zhao Song, no matter what happened…”
“Mr. Zhang!”
On the bench, Zhao Song sat upright, put away his smile, and spoke word by word. Said: “Whatever I want, I will get it myself, so you don’t have to worry about it!”
“I wish you a good dream, goodbye!”
“September 11, 2001, sunny.
When I wrote these words, it had actually passed. in the early morning of the 12th, but I am still willing to record it on the 11th.
The weather today is very good, the sky is clear, the sun is shining on my shoulders, and the birds are singing, just like every day I am with that idiot.
Yes, in my In my memory, the weather seems to be so bright and bright every day between me and that idiot…
Today the weather is very good, and I am in a good mood as well.
As one of the largest suppliers in One Kilometer Business. One, I attended the closing ceremony of its supplier conference and made a speech as a representative.
The conference was very successful, and Weiwei Group also felt the importance of One Kilometer. As the organizer, it collected almost all the suppliers in Beijing. The Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle was used to receive us.
So, this should have been a happy and smooth day.
If that incident had not happened,
the Global Trade Center, where the headquarters of Weiwei Group was located…
was completely destroyed!
If One Mile had not held the supplier conference at this time; if Zhao Song had not insisted that all senior executives must attend…”
The evening breeze blew gently, The leaves of the Sophora japonica behind the bench rustled.
As the old saying goes, having a locust tree at home will either bring treasure or wealth. Being surrounded by these urban trees in the capital city, which represent auspiciousness and auspiciousness, is also the reason why Zhao Song chose this bench to sit on. Chinese people lack faith, but they do everything to celebrate. , Zhao and Song are also not exempt from vulgarity.
The personal phone in his pocket vibrated for an unknown number of times, but he had no desire to answer it.
He held the information bag tightly in his arms, stared blankly at the darkness ahead, and whispered to himself.
He raised Huashi’s market value to the fifth in the world; he engaged in high-leverage financing and bet on options with dozens of investment banks; and he received a surprise reward from the state, all of which were the reasons why he said to himself.
/It wasn’t until a trembling delicate body was tightly thrown into his arms that Zhao Song came back to his senses from the constant calculation.
“What are you doing?”
After feeling that the charming body in his arms was much fatter than before, Zhao Song hurriedly pushed Li Wei to his side. This was not a gentleman’s behavior, but Zhao Song was really interested in this ex who had cheated him. My girlfriend has some mental dis