ivate room.

ivate room.
Zhao Song looked straight at the man next to him who was bulging forward and backward.
He grabbed his smooth and tender little hand and said with a big tongue,
“We are destined to come thousands of miles to meet each other.”
“Yes, yes.”
“Do you know why?”
The beauty made a cute gesture: “Why?
/“We won’t talk about the parents, let’s talk about it later!” ”
If you are pregnant, you may miscarry at any time. If you take a cigarette, you may have a deformed heart. If it grows slowly, you may have six fingers.” . It took me ten months to give birth, but if I wasn’t careful, my brain would be crushed by the forceps. Polio, whooping cough, scarlet fever, and meningitis were still waiting for me, and I started
to cry and choke on my milk. When we walk, we fall; if we touch water, it will be hot; if we touch something, we will be half dead. If we have too much calcium, we will not grow tall; if we have too little calcium, we will have bandy legs. If we grow like you, we will not have too much! ”
The beauty couldn’t close her legs with laughter.
“Finally, I’m old enough to eat and go out. There’s hail in the sky and cars running underground. The streets and alleys are dark places with a lot of bad guys. You say you’re chasing anyone who has a narrow escape.
These are all open and covert attacks. Snobbery. , have a cold face, gossip, criticize others; if you are good, you will be envied by others, but if you are bad, people will look down upon you; loyal people will say you are stupid, and smart people will say you are traitorous; if you are cold, people will say you are arrogant, and if you are enthusiastic, people will say you are a waste; leave. There is no point in being beaten in front and walking behind; this is also called living, it is just practicing Qinggong for the rest of your life…”
At this point, ignoring the dumbfounded eyes of the entire private room, Zhao Song took a sip of foreign wine to moisten his throat and asked with unfinished meaning. :
“In the end, we just happened to be here, gathering among so many people. Do you think we are destined?”
“Yes, yes!” The beauty nodded and couldn’t close her legs.
Faced with the sudden silence, Zhao Song turned around and asked Chen Ning, who was in a daze: “What are you going to do next? Can you go directly to the theme?”
Chen Ning asked blankly: “What theme?”
Zhao Song glanced at it and exploded. R beauty.
“Well,” Chen Ning stuttered, “I’m a little impatient. If you are interested and she doesn’t object, you can take her out in a while.”
“Then what will you do next?”
Chen Ning replied bluntly: “Drinking, joking, flirting, if If it’s not enough, why don’t you go to the venue?”
“I just had a fight and my legs are weak.” Zhao Song shook his head and said,
“Singing?” Chen Ning was shocked, “Zhao Er, This is not a KTV.”
“Can the DJ be used?”
Chen Ning looked back at the manager squatting in the shadows.
The manager nodded repeatedly.
Zhao Song took out a USB flash drive from his trouser pocket and shouted: