Nothing is more torturous than this.

Nothing is more torturous than this.
Leaving the medicinal bath to end the treatment is death, so if my brothers are all dead, why should I live! Moreover, I don’t believe that after five reversals of luck that everyone thought were fatal, this sixth time could kill me.
I have already made up my mind, no one can take my life away!
I tried to move even one finger, but my body was completely inoperable. The silver needle blocked my mobility, but it couldn’t block the Qi in my body. I could still move the Qi in my body!
If my situation at this moment were placed a week ago, maybe I could only be obedient, but I am different at this moment from a week ago!
The breath traveled throughout my body and after three weeks, my fingers that could not move just now were slightly raised. The luck really worked!
He’s right about that. I have been suppressing the breath in my body, not wanting the sixth reversal of luck to happen, but the result still failed.
While the fat man was muttering, Senior Han had already looked back and forth at the gourd several times. He thought about it and said, “I don’t know why this gourd is coming. But I have heard of some powerful gourd magic weapons. It has the function of swallowing souls and refining them into Yin Fire, but it is rarely seen on the market. The stocks of various sects will not be taken out casually. This gourd is probably taken away by the previous owner. It’s difficult to control, and there’s no signature on the bottom, so you can’t tell who refined the gourd.”
After being bombarded by evil fire fireballs. The aura that had been suppressed finally lost control and rushed into my heart. The sixth reversal of luck was completed despite being forced. My breath is completely out of control, and my mind is very confused now. Although I could see clearly, the chaotic sounds and shaking world seemed to make me fall down at any time.
The voices hundreds of meters away, the heartbeats of everyone in front of me. Even the sound of blood flowing in the body and the sound of insects burrowing under the ground. The thick smell of blood floated in the air, and I could see the flow of Qi in each person’s body, including Yunli’s body. A lot of energy is concentrated in the hands.
“It’s so strange, what’s wrong with Shanzi?”
“Grandma, how much is a pound of side dishes in the market today?”
“Don’t run, you failed the exam and you dare to lie to others, why are you running, come back!”
/Too many voices, from Near and far, it kept drilling into my ears. I tried to cover my ears, but it didn’t help. The sound still penetrated into my brain through my fingers. The sounds I heard became increasingly chaotic, as if the whole world was trying to talk to me.
“Ah! Get out, get out!”
Her ears began to bleed. Yunli looked at me and sneered: “You are too courageous. I thought you didn’t die after five reversals of luck. Will you be fine this time? The sixth reversal of luck. No one in the world has survived six reversals of luck. First, the sounds that are usual