eds to seek the opinion of Xiao Qiangguang Nao.

eds to seek the opinion of Xiao Qiangguang Nao.
Under the gaze of everyone, Liu Fei disappeared into the vast sea of ??grass, and the darkness provided Liu Fei with cover.
Both Prince Morton and Joseph were already used to Liu Fei. If Liu Fei stayed in the camp honestly, they would feel strange.
/“Did the plan succeed?” The holographic image of Xiao Qiangguang Brain looked particularly excited and asked dancing.
“Holy crap, I’ve calculated that the probability of failure is less than 0.1%. Why did it fail?” the cartoon holographic image of Xiao Qiangguang Brain asked with a shocked expression.
“See for yourself.”
Liu Fei connected the pinhole holographic video he was carrying to the optical brain. This is a miniature holographic video system installed on the body according to the Xiaoqiang Optical Brain plan. The system recorded the battle with the herd. Hologram.
The holographic image recreated the thrilling scene at that time, the crazy collision, the spurting blood, and the earth-shattering battle.
Even just watching the holographic video, Liu Fei felt excited. He liked this way of fighting. In fact, , Liu Fei’s wild fighting style is very similar to Joseph’s fighting style. The difference is that Liu Fei pays more attention to efficiency and speed. Under the wild appearance, Liu Fei also has careful calculations.
“Holy shit!”
“Holy shit!”
“Holy shit!”
After watching the holomorphic video, Xiao Qiangguang Nao said “Holy shit” three times in succession, with a hint of unfinished expression on the cartoon avatar.
“The plan failed.”
“Grandma, there’s a 0.1% chance of it happening. You’re so unlucky. How far is it from the northern port now?”
“We’ll arrive tomorrow.”
“Did you faint? Why didn’t you report the situation to me earlier?” Xiao Qiangguang Nao looked like he was fainting.
Liu Fei did not answer. These days, he tried to find a suitable way to implement the original plan, but he could never find a definite way to return the status quo to its original point.
“The difficulty has increased a lot. These people are so fucking fierce. Liu Fei, you are getting rich, you are getting rich!”
“Getting rich? |” Liu Fei couldn’t help but be stunned.
“Think about it, this group of people is so powerful. If you subdue them and let them be your bodyguards, who in the world will still be your opponent? With their protection, hey, this young master will be much safer.”
Look. Looking at the treacherous smile on Xiao Qiangguang Nao’s face, Liu Fei suddenly realized that the so-called plan was just Xiao Qiang Guang Nao getting a few more bodyguards for him. No wonder he felt like he had been deceived.
“Wait a minute, I will make a new plan. You must make them unable to live without you. It is best to make them loyal to you. By the way, do they know how powerful you are?”
“I don’t know.” Liu Fei shook his head.
“Stupid, stupid, so stupid. You should show how good at fighting and how brave and invincible you are. You have to make them awe from the bottom of their hearts and